Your fav AMV?

I’ve just started really watching these, and was wondering what every else’s was. Some of them are hella cool.

  1. Play Excel Play (‘Extreme - Play With Me’ over Excel Saga)
  2. Die Another Day (‘Madonna - Die Another Day’ over Noir)
  3. Scatman (‘Scatman - I’m The Scatman’ over Trigun, Hellsing, a whole load of other stuff I don’t recognise)

Does anyone else know/got any particular favs?

AniMix parts 1 and 2 combined-Various
How Soon Is Now- Witch Hunter Robin (my sig inspiration :P)
Everybody’s Free to Watch Anime (Good mellow parady of Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen)-Various
Tricky (Run DMC)-Various
Eden Remastered-Trigun
A Little Less Conversation(yeah the Elvis Presely one :P)- Various
May It Be (LOTR theme)-Kenshion (and Kaoru…sniff I’ve only watched it 3 times cuz its sad and bawled my eyes out each time)

As you can see I like a little mix to my videos. All can be found at

Cowboy Bebop- Yesterday

Trigun - I am the killer.

Trigun - Wanted dead or alive.

<img src=“”> Cowboy Bebop 007
Princess Mononoke - When Worlds Collide (I hate the song, though)

DBZ - Bodies
DBZ - With You
DBZ - Pushing Me Away
Inu Yasha - Down with the Sickness
Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie - Devour

None really, but it’d be made by Maboroshi Studio.

Originally posted by Crotanks
Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie - Devour

Holy crap I love you.

LOL. I’m serious though. Out of the ones I have I like it pretty damn well.

Bah. I still haven’t gotten any of them back. Zero can’t seem to send anything to me over AIM, and Alyx is rarely on when I am :
Ah well. Might as well list my favorite ones.
Cowboy Bebop - Only In Dreams
Cowboy Bebop - Always (Not because It’s mine, because it’s actually the only one I thought was good that was also mine :P)

You made a CB amv for Always…? Gimme. Now.

Don’t have it.
Trying to find it.

Cowboy Bebop/Weird Al Yancovic - Living in the Fridge
Its only based on the best damn Alien tribute ever! XD

Other cool are
Trigun/Weird Al - Trigger Happy
Samurai X/U2 (I think) - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Ranma ½/(Can’t remember name of band) - 500 miles (It’s about Ryoga :P)
Ranma ½/U2 - Still haven’t found

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<img src=“”> Cowboy Bebop 007

Amen to that, greatest AMV ever!

Trigun-Wanted Dead or Alive very kick ass.

There is so many, I got a whole bunch of Final Fantasy ones, some dbz, other ones. And Eva could you tell me where you found that Kension one that sounds cool. Kension is cool.

The Star Ocean EX one with the .hack//sign opening…

Even though I’m not too fond of DBZ anymore, one of my favorite AMV has to be “Traces of Insanity” with the song “Crawling” by Linkin Park. Its a AMV about Trunks. That was really neat. It got me into all that rock music. ^.^

I also really loved “Moonlight Shadow” using FFVIII. Its on if you wanna check it out. The song is also “Moonlight Shadow”

I love making AMV. So fun!