Young Justice!

Wow, there have been a lot of news about new shows recently, no? I guess it’s that time of the year. Anyway, here’s another: Young Justice, a name those of you who read comics might recognize:

For those of you who don’t, here’s the story: Once upon a time, DC Comics put all of their kid sidekick heroes together (Robin, Kid Flash etc.) and came up with the Teen Titans comic book, and it was a great success. Years later they adapted it as a cartoon, and that was great, too. So, they decided to revive the Titans comic as well! …Except, wouldn’t you know, all of the Titans were adults now (yes, believe it or not time DOES pass in the comics… just not at the same rate as real life.) So, what to do? Why, create a NEW team of kid heroes, of course! And thus came about Young Justice, which, while more humorous than its predecessor, was still pretty good.

However, YJ was canceled years ago (there’s no funny characters allowed in DC these days it seems- seriously, they killed them all off.) But hey, the cancellation of the Titans cartoon left a hole that needed to be filled! So, a Young Justice cartoon was a no-brainer!

The animation seems pretty good, though their choice of characters is a bit confusing. Which Robin and Kid Flash are those? (there’s been several in the comics.) The Artemis of the comics is an alternate Wonder Woman; this one seems more like Arrowette from the YJ comics (so, why change the name?) Miss Martian is a new Titans character but sure, include her. Who’s the black dude? Aqualad? He wasn’t Black! If they wanted a token member why not use actual heroes who ARE Black, like The Bumblebee? Oh well. At least they still have Red Tornado as their mentor. :slight_smile:

This looks like a series worth following. Let’s hope the writing is as good as those of the Justice League or Teen Titans cartoons.

I haven’t watched the Marvel and DC comic cartoons in years… however they where good! Yeah DC had great shows like Justice league (as you mentioned). But, Teen Titans was mediocre (as it was quite funny)… I wouldn’t say it was great. Hence, I have a feeling that another cartoon as a filler for that same concept may not live up to the standard set by it’s predecessors. But I guess time will tell.