You will watch this. The Weiila commands it.

Go, peons!

Go, and make your days just a little bit brighter! I will accept no excuses.

I realize that it might be old, but why take chances?

My fiancee and I have 4 lovebirds. We are all over this video.

…hahahhahaha! That was excellent!

heh, that cockatoo has more rhythm than some humans. XD

BAA HA HAA!! Great, just great! Thank you, Weii, that indeed did make me feel better today.

This is why I’m so happy you’re back. Everybody else posts weird or tragic stuff- you post a little dancing cockatoo. God bless your heart. :slight_smile:

PS: My favorite part was how it saluted in the end. As if bowing to the audience. :smiley:

Seems more like he’s got the rythm wrong in the end and is headbanging. Still, awesome!

edit: there are links to videos with beatboxing birds in the related videos section. Those are great as well.

Well, that certainly made my day a bit brighter. Even if it was backstreet boys. Thanks Weiila.

As Weiila commanded it, I watched the video. I love it. I will marry this awesome video and call it sweetie forever.

A dancing parrot… that’s something new to me.

I think the headbanging in the end is more because he’s getting appleauded. Which makes it even cuter :3

Awesome. XD

Yeah, even if it was Backstreet Boys …

That was horrendously cute. :smiley:

Love how it raises its legs.

kewt :smiley: my friend used to have a gray one who would also dance happily whenever he heard music- or you just snapped your fingers in a rhythm, and he’d start dancing too. xD

:smiley: Dancing Birdies!

I so got to share this with my co-worker tomorrow! She loves all things cute like this. Thanks Weiila!