You too can have your very own Mr. Saturn!

Made of paper that is!

Print it out on a sheet of card, and ten minutes of scissors-and-glue madness and Mr Saturn is yours to do with as you please!

I rescued it from 4chan’s /r/ board. I also recovered a six-page Metal Gear Rex + Shagohod one, so if you want that as well, do tell. :3

Cool. I might just do this if I ever feel really bored.

Kewl. Now you can talk like him, too!

Lol. XD What will you people think up next?

My first thought was “Really? Awesome!”
Now it’s just “Oh. Still pretty fun and cool, but oh.”

edit - It’s more that I’m disappointed that this wasn’t something more twisted. :smiley:

/u <3

If any of you fine ladies are interested in having YOUR own Mr. Saturn, heh heh heh… (j/k, obviously)

Looks like Mr Saturn’s lookin’ for a new Mrs Saturn. :stuck_out_tongue:

This may be too good to pass up.

I’ve been without a Mrs. Saturn for a bit too long if you ask me. Ironically enough, as I posted that, a walked into the other room because I heard the doorbell. It was my roommate’s (read: ex-girlfriend’s) ride to go out to a club tonight. They were dressed… oh, what’s the nice word for it… skankily for the occasion (not because they’re skanks, but rather for the sport; the women around here like to call it “getting whored up”). I’d never met the woman before, but I knew she was coming, and why. She looked at me and said “Is that your white Nissan outside?” I said “yeah, why?” thinking that this might not have been my roommate’s ride. She says “cause that Unreal Tournament logo that you have on the back is FREAKING AWESOME.” At this point my roommate comes in, introduces us, and is about to leave, when I say “oh, and thanks. A lot of people notice that thing.” She responds “but how many of them are women in corsets whom you’ve never met before?”

So, uh, wow, anyway.

Dude. Go after her. I mean damn. A gamer girl, all sexy-like. Why didn’t you grab her?

Cause she’s taken, from what I’ve been told. Again, I met this woman for all of about 45 seconds before they left, but my room mate had told me before that she’s engaged to be married, and her fiance is in Iraq right now.

So he’s going out with her?

He who? If you’re referring to my roommate, she’d be very offended that you think she’s a man. If you’re referring to this guy in Iraq, yeah, I guess so. I know very little about that situation.

Oops, sorry. I was just assuming that it would be a guy roomate that would be going out with scantly clad women.

Squee! ^_____^

Dammit, I wish my printer were working. ;_;

Now I’ll just have to settle for paper macheing Mr.Saturn himself.

My question now, is, how long until people start posting pictures of themselves mutilating that little guy?

Meh, it’s not a plushie!

Of course, that brings all sorts of OTHER questions to mind.

Of course, she’s your ex, which only intensifies the questions.