You there! boy!

What day is it?

“Why it’s Christmas!”

then, its not too late! throws 20 schilings at the street urchins fucking face go! my monkey, buy me the biggest green eggs and ham you can find!

Piss off, you bloody old fart!

flicks him off

runs away with the schillings

/me had tied the schillings to a string and yanks it out of the rapscallions hands.


bah, i’ll have to do it myself

strolles through the town square sporting his new stove pipe hat

picks Charlie’s pocket and rns away with over 100 shillings

tackles Star Storm and takes the money back


Oy! It’s my bloody money now, Govnah!

Isn’t htis a little spammy?

Originally posted by Xelopheris
Isn’t htis a little spammy?
Isn’t this kinda hypocritical?

Who gives a damn? It’s Christmas!:yipee:

**pulls head out of oven and replaces it with a plump christmas ham

forces it back in

No! Roast Devillion is better!

Originally posted by Xelopheris
Isn’t htis a little spammy?

Pff. Charl is parodying probably the second best non-religious story of Christmas (with Polar Express being first and How the Grinch (animated) third).

Man. I love A Christmas Carol. The moment I saw the title I knew exactly what Charl would ask.

Damn straight.

I don’t get the reference. ;_; watches in delight anyway

Originally posted by Xelopheris
Isn’t htis a little spammy?

and mega, I just made it all up, I dont know what you’re talking about.

nessa you really never seen the x-mas carol? dude, go rent a copy, its the most paryodied book ever. I suggest renting the one with Patrick stewart, just cuz patrick stewart rocks.

was just watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol before reading this

you continue to outdo yourself Karl :stuck_out_tongue:

nobody threw a snowball at my stovepipe hat :frowning:

Fires a laser-guided missle at your stovepipe hat