You should call it a Religious DEBATE

Fight seems like somthing violent. Violent, kinda like the Crusades.

Or druidic sacrifice.

Countdown to lockdown!

I hope Cless closes it, he always has good closing statements!

Closing a thread before any sign of conflict is foolish. Wait until somone actually argues before closing this.

I debate the existence of Dog.

Cless adds closing statements whether or not he actually closes the thread.

Haha oh.

Well whoever does it, say something witty!

omg close this hahahaha lolz

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<!-- I feel that religion is something pointless to debate, as both sides have no real way to prove themself correct. Therefore, any arguments are null, void, and based solely on faith one way or the other. -->

Yeah, you guys are idiots

No, I love your threads! Steve is just posting so we’ll all look at his picture or something.

True, he is a whore.

Charle’s avatar should eat that picture of his face.

I’m not a whore. You just don’t notice my blatant opinion of this great thread.

Whores >:\

<!-- I actually detest the word “whore” being used as a serious insult. If a woman wishes to sell herself for money, where does anyone stand to tell her differently, so long as she as well as her purchaser are equipped to handle any of the consequences of a shady transaction such as that. -->


I’m not actually a mod here so I never close threads unless it’s Booken- I mean a furry cigarette-smoking spammer posting.

Edit: If you say “same thing!!! HAHA LOL” and ruin the joke I will seriously kick your ass

Edit2: Steve doesn’t count cause he’s inferior

<!-- Same thing! -->
Very close correlation! giggle