You may have noticed...

…that I have been acting just a tad pissy as of late. Well, I’m about to tell you why, because I would eventually have to.

I’ve been fracking around too much in college, quite honestly. In fact… I’m not returning to SUNY Oswego next semester. Instead, because of my lack of judgement I am going to community college. I guess that isn’t as much of a big deal as it could be, but I’m still kinda pissed that I did what I did. I’m also getting quite cynical about social relationships in general (friendships as well as what is traditionally called a relationship). I’ve been spending most of my time alone on the computer sitting in my dirty dorm room, not bothering to sweep up the remnants of dirt or throw out lots of trash because I feel that there is no need to bother.

There are some other things that are getting me really down that I will not discuss here to be polite to those involved.

And before anyone asks: No, I am not stupid enough to kill myself (anymore). :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to tell the truth now so that you guys won’t be surprised when I’m not in the same place next semester, although I could have lied saying that it was much cheaper (which is a bonus) and close to home (which I may or may not need).

Some times you need to take a few steps back, and do something like this. Hope with the change you aren’t as pissy.

just do well at CC for a semester or so and I’m sure you can transfer back up.

Good luck, Roun. huggles

I know exactly how you feel. I have idled excessively this semester too. Although my academic performance has not suffered that much, I know that such work habits will not cut it in graduate school. Hence, I am getting help from counsellors for this as well as my depression and social phobia.

You may wish to consider a similar course of action.

Anyhow, may the best of luck come to you.

Good luck Roun, I hope everything works out in the end. hugs

Luck Roun. I think i can understand…a little…

I wish you the best of luck, Roun. I hope this turns out well.

I’m sure you’ll get back on track soon enough, Roun. Just remember that people won’t necessarily come up to you on their own.

Originally posted by Walhalla
I’m sure you’ll get back on track soon enough, Roun. Just remember that people won’t necessarily come up to you on their own.

What I mean by my cynical-ness about social relationships is that your “friends” and “girlfriends” are usually not what they seem.

I told you so.

Originally posted by Sinistral
I told you so.

Yeah. You did. Happy?

Well I’m pretty bad at this sort of stuff, but yeah, hopefully you’ll do better at this new place. I’m sure you made the right decision, just played it out differently as you would of liked. Or something.

I understand a lot better than you might think - someone really close to me is trying to get back into undergrad studies after hitting a rough spot a couple of years ago, and I had my own share of problems in college. I hope that things go well for you and that you don’t lose sight of the big picture in the everyday things.

And for some reason I have this nagging feeling (probably unfounded) that all of my friends don’t actually like me and never have.

:moogle: Best of luck to you Rountree and too you too Sir Percy
mooglish huggles

Good Luck Roun

I don’t think that your friends don’t like you, Roun, then they wouldn’t even talk to you. It might be that since you’ve been alone in your dorm room so much they feel that they can’t get any contact or something like that.

Anyway, good luck at the other place hugs

Best of luck Roun!

I must admit that I have problems pulling my finger out :stuck_out_tongue:


<img src=“”> Good luck Roun. I hope things work out for you.