You lucky windows users.

Wow, now theres 2 words i never thought i would hear in the same sentence…windows, and lucky. Hell must be freezing over! =\

Its a shell replacement for windows, to make your desktop 3d. I dont know what purpose it serves other than looking cool.

Lucky windows XP users. Crappy 98.

More of those awful things?
I’ve seen plenty of them in the past: They all sucked! Badly too.

And so does this one.
I can’t find my blasted icons and applications!

These things suck in my opinion. I had one once. It’s like some horrible Lawnmower Man-style world, only without Pierce Brosnan and with shittier CGI. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, if someone designed an OS like the one in Lain, I’d so be there.

It seems to be a bit dead, though.

I mean the real Lain OS. >:D

Its still going, but they dont update the page. Check the irc channel for the real updates.