You know your number is up when....

This has got to be the most random way to die, ever. A woman on a boat died after a spotted eagle ray leaped out of the water, and knocked her over. I was so amazed I had to share.


Yeah, that’s pretty random.

Kinda reminds me of when Fabio was hit by a goose while on a roller coaster. I’d figure that would have killed somebody, but he was relatively okay. Wouldn’t have figured a leaping ray to be as deadly.

Well I suppose they could when they can be up to 500 pounds! That type, at least

Maybe these bastards are a serious threat after all. They killed the Crocodile Hunter and now they’ve killed another! :ulty:

Perhaps the forces of Atlantis are finally starting to rise against us. Quick! We must nuke our oceans before they launch their next assault. ::dekar!::

Next up will be a laser ray pew pew pew

No man! I’ll be the dreaded death ray to next taste human blood (Ya’ wanna buy Scifi?)

Hmm … This makes me want to come up with random improbable ways to die. The problem is that truth is stranger than any fiction I can come up with …

I’m with this guy. Between Steve Irwin last year (WHYYYYYY ;-; ) and this lady this year, it looks like the sting rays are slowly but surely trying to take their planet back. This decade, it’s one person per year- but what about next decade? Maybe they’ll start taking two at a time! Mass sting ray slaughter! Why, in just a few billion years, human life as we know it could have fallen to their dark, flappy embrace!

It’s a riot. A deep sea civil war, us humans being innocent bystanders and victims. First steve irwin, now that woman. Who will be next? :o

It’s like something out of Final Destination.

Sorry for the revival, but: It’s not just the sting rays. It’s the entire frickin’ animal kingdom.

Mother Earth is coming…for us all! runs and hides

I love it… she says the attack was “no big deal.” Heck, my 3 pound puppy bites me and it’s a big deal!