You know what would own in a Super Smash Bros Game?

A Tetris block character!

Yeah, and Master Chief. And Frogger. And Cloud.

Car and Football guy. End of discussion.


Pac-man doesn’t have an eye, asshat. =P

I think it would have been neat to have Little Mac, Kid Icarus and Banjo + Kazooie in a SSB game.

I wanted to find one from FFVI, but stupid people don’t upload pictures of glitches. Gronky (trademarked by Kabutroid)


But even with these…

Seraphim Ephyon wins.

Super Smash Bros. games should absolutely only contain Nintendo-owned characters. That would eliminate almost all the suggestions in this thread, except Little Mac, Goomba and Pit.

Here’s who I would like to see:

Little Mac
Mike Jones
Stanley the Bugman
Diddy Kong
Duck Hunt Duck




I HEARTILY second Mike Jones. I also want to see Paula, from EarthBound.

And also? GENO!!

Is Geno a Square or Nintendo character? I swear I saw him in Superstar Saga during that mini-game where you have to pour the flowers, mushrooms and stars into the holes…

I would pay millions of dollars for it if it had Mike Jones in it. Pit would be cool too.

You’re right that was him.

I would like to see Purim from SoM and Selan, Maxim, Guy and Artea from Lufia 2. Any of the characters from Chrono Trigger would also be good.

Staying in the realm of Nintendo brand characters (which no one else seems to be able to do… ;-_-), I’d second Hades’ Goomba, and add in

King Hippo
Super Macho Man
Gannon (not Gannondorf)
Seren (both from Panel de Pon)
that dog from Animal Crossing
Andy (and other characters) from Advance Wars
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi.

It’s a shame that we couldn’t put “Guy from Excitebike” in there. Also, WarioWare characters aren’t exactly fleshed out enough to make the grade. I’d love to see a playable Mr. Saturn rather than just a <I>throwable</I> Mr. Saturn, but I’ll takes what I can gets. Though I have to admit that it’d be awesome to see Stanley the Bugman and Ness vs. Zoda and Gannon.

[edit] And, ahem, Pac-Man does too have eyes.

<IMG SRC=“” ALT=“Modern Pac-Man”>

Aren’t HAL characters allowed too? Kirby is a HAL character, and SSBM is a HAL game.

Although the only non-Kirby HAL games that could be used are the Lolo games. (Lolo and Lala were bosses in Kirby’s Dream Land and Kirby Superstar, as well.)

Uhhh HAL is one of Nintendo’s developers I think. They’re a second party developer, they just make Nintendo games. So they are very closely tied with Nintendo.

I’d like to see more Fire Emblem characters in a SSB game. And FE is a Nintendo series so you can’t say “OMG IT"S NOT NINTENDORLOLOL!!!11!”.

Little Mac would be tight, too, as well as King Hippo.

I thought Wario(and for that matter, Waluigi) was in SSBM. I could be wrong, though.

HAL used to be a third party developer, which is why they actually made a couple games for Genesis and TurboGrafx back in the day, but they were purchased by Nintendo shortly before the release of Kirby’s Dreamland in the early 1990’s, and are now a second party developer. Thus, Hal games would be okay, though they don’t have a whole lot of memorable characters aside from the characters from Earthbound, Kirby, Lolo, and Lala. I guess you could throw in the guy from Alcahest, unless Square owns the copyright (Hal developed, Square published), or someone from Arcana.

As far as Fire Emblem goes, that’s actually developed by Intelligent Systems. I don’t think IS ever produced any third party games before they were purchased by Nintendo, but I guess it’s possible. They’re also responsible for Advance Wars, Panel De Pon / Tetris Attack, Dr. Mario 64 (and I’ve heard that they developed the original Dr. Mario and Tetris 2 as well), and Paper Mario. However, aside from Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, and the Japanese version of Panel de Pon, all of Intelligent Systems’ games have used established Nintendo characters anyway.

Oh, and thinking about this post, I hearby add to my previous list:

King Dedede

Seraphim Ephyon still wins. Pac-Man is teh uber.

[EDIT] What is it with people and these “so-and-so wins” posts? It’s just bizarre.