You know what would kick much ass?

A game based off of the old Captain N cartoon.

dreamy sigh Man that was cool… Nothing like nostalgia.

What brought this idea? Kagato’s Kirby remix.

<img src=“”> Videoland MUSH.

I don’t mean the MUSH.

I mean an actual Captain N game on a Nintendo console.

<img src=“”> Man, that would cost so much money in licenses, it’s not even funny :stuck_out_tongue: And all the people who weren’t there won’t buy it, and go all “WTF WO IZ BLUU CHANSMOOKER???” :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, TD, I hate your sig. runs off crying

What exactly IS your siggy, TD? It looks cool. :slight_smile: Is it from gamedev software, or what?

<img src=“”> My character in Ragnarok Online. Gonna update it every 5 levels or so. See the big thread about it.

I remember Captain N, vaguely. I liked it. But a game off it would seem kinda redundant, wouldn’t it? I mean, a game based off a show based off of several games?

With any luck, if the game’s successful, they’ll make a TV show about it. And then the sequel to the game will feature more elements from the show, like Pokémon Yellow. Then the TV show will feature elements from the sequel. Which means … mm … a TV show based on a game based on the same TV show based on a game based on a TV show. Based on a metric zarkload of games.

Sure, that’d kick ass, but I think a cartoon based on Smash Bros would kick even more ass since:
a) cross-over fun
b) it’s much more possible due to less licencecrapola since Nintendo’s got its fingers in every character somehow.
c) C’mon. I wanna see Link kick Mario around for once in my life while both are launching corny lines in Japanese…