You know what this thread is.

It seems I have accidentally he the 1k mark a little early. So instead of the usual ask questions thing (actually I will do that too), I think a story is more appropriate. The story of how I came to the internet, and RPGC

Once upon a time, there was a young lad of 14 years who knew close to nothing about computers. He begged his mummy for a PS3 for his birthday but instead, when he turned 15, he got a Daxter PSP. This was not a complete loss, because to this day he still uses it and has developed a great fondness for it. Eventually he got bored of playing Daxter and decided it was time for something new.

Well this is getting fucking boring. Anywho, long story short, he ended up at a site called where he learned everything there is to know about PSPs. (there he had named himself -GunslingerGirl-, because he liked that series and wanted to see how girls are treated on the net) Eventually he became an established member there and was in quite well with the community.

Again this is getting boring. Basically I started getting heavy into SNES games on my PSP and eventually found one called Bahamut Lagoon. It was my first RPG and is by far my favourite. I got stuck at the part where you have to break that damn and flood all those assholes out at the bottom. I came here and eventually decided to join the forum.

I don’t remember where I was going with this but as of now this is the only forum I really go to. I think it is because I like smaller communities and you people remind me of some frineds I used to have but they are all dead now. Also this is the only place I go because I am permanently banned from pspmod.

So anywho, ask me some questions and I will probably answer them. And yes, I did start out with the goal of 1k posts before 1 year old.

Why are you such a racist, sexist asshat? Why do you make shitposts all the time? Why do you hate gay people? What made you think it was a good idea to wear blackface to school? This last question you don’t have to answer: Why hasn’t GSG been permbanned? He’s ten thousand times more irritating than Charlemagne. Whether he’s a troll pretending to be a dumbshit, or an actual dumbshit, there is no justifiable reason for keeping this guy around. He’s a Cancer. Cut him out.

I like him like I like Take Me to the Hospital and I like you like I like Dust

What is your name?

WHAT…is your quest?

WHAT…is the average airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?

So you purposely chose to spam the Agora with your pointless shit. You weren’t just stupid. You were stupid with the point of getting more posts. Action may be in order.

Do your parents believe in hitting a child as punishment?

Why didn’t anyone beat your ass for walking to school and spending part of the day in blackface??

Satire I guess. I really just say whatever comes to mind. I don’t, but in all honesty the idea of two guys doing it makes me sick. It was spirit week, our colours are black and red. Why haven’t I? What ever happened to Setz? And yes I suppose I am cancer.


Die homeless by people burning me to death

They don’t fly.

Actually I lied to make it seem like I accomplished something.

They did until I started hitting back. I rode the bus, and there are no black people at my school. I was seriously joking around with the principal about it.

I thought you were American at first. Now the possibility of you being Canadian makes me want to find out which highschool you go to.

There are no black people in your school so it’s okay to wear blackface. Oh, right. I forgot that something instantly isn’t racist because the race you’re targeting isn’t there. My bad.

That is not what you asked, what are you talking about? Who said it was okay? Why do you sound offended? You know, blackfacing was a very important part of american, and eventually british, theatre back in the day.

Blackface was used primarily to illustrate the stereotype of the dumb but happy and subservient slave. The ones that would say stuff like “Yessa massa!” It may have been important (debatable), and it may have been notable (definitely), but it was still done to make people laugh by portraying black people as happy go lucky idiots. Mocking them. You really are an idiot if you don’t realize that.

So when are you "gona kill myself "

Edit: PS. Don’t actually do it. Also: favorite type of cake?

On the topic of Blackface: When I was taking my General History of theatre arts class, I remember one class we watched a video that displayed old recordings of vaudeville and yeah, there was a blackface routine in there involving two black men watching an act and deciding “that’s nothing, we could put on one o those usselves!” (That is verbatim.) I remember seeing everybody’s eyes constantly glance back at the one black person in the class, who was taking it pretty stoically. It was actually a very informative piece that displayed why Blackface needs to be remembered: Because it shows how something that used to be racy and risque can be old hat now, but at the same time, stuff you could joke about back then is almost taboo in the modern day.

So, yeah. Blackface needs to stay in the past. And fuck you for thinking that there’s any excuse for it.

Meh, I don’t find GSG half as annoying as some people we have had (or some we STILL have) in this board. Besides, he’s like, 16, no? Haven’t you people done stuff at that age you feel was stupid now? I certainly did. Also, I get the feeling that if he’s decided to go the Troll route it’s because he wasn’t treated very well at first. That seems to be a problem with newbies here. Maybe that’s why the forum is “dying.” Not that it excuses his behavior, mind you. But maybe if both sides stopped acting like he’s the Second Coming of Uriel (FAR from it) things could be more peaceful from now on.

Sorry, needed to get all that off my chest for a while now. I won’t discuss it again. That’s not what I come here for.


I had a better response to all of this but it didn’t post because I got mysteriously logged out.

I’ll figure out a new one later.

Cake: Funfetti with vanilla frosting.

Hey now, Charlemagne at least has some charisma. And he gave me a Sandman manga. He gets brownie points for that. :3

Right. The point was Charlemagne was banned, and GSG hasn’t been.

Why was he even banned? He hardly ever posted anything.

So what’s the point of this thread other than “GSG making GBS threads” and “Shaddup GSG” (and I’m pretty sure we have enough of those threads already)?