You know what this place looks like?

The Hindenburg. Just sayin.

No, that’s just Zepp’s sig. :stuck_out_tongue:


/me sighs.

Yeah, well, I’m still putzing around with the new style system. It’s not quite as streamlined as the old one. Part of it is me figuring out what various things even do.

We’re just giving the public but it wants: all Hindenburg, all the time baby. That’s right. The Hindenburg wasn’t just some silly side project. It was in preparation for a complete overhaul of the Agora. Welcome to hell bitches.:smug:

What the hell is with Trill’s and Vicki’s replies? Do people just knee-jerk react negatively to every thread made by Gunslinger now? This place really DOES look like the Hindenburg, you know. We need some themes PRONTO :confused: And hell, I don’t see many other posters keeping this place meaningfully active. Pretty much all the threads on the front page are total shit :confused:

Someone pit this shit.

EDIT PS: 984, maybe spend a little less time becoming some kind of dumb ass lawyer or whatever and a little more time getting our rpg website looking good for us to post on.

Honestly, I’m very very close to just leaving the forum. At least half of the active posters and threads are essentially random, un-funny troll posts.

I don’t see you saying anything. And what is leaving this kind forum anyway? Its not like you have to pay for a membership or anything.

AAAAWWW! somebody changed my avatar! How did I not notice this sooner?!

Cid is pretty much right. I’m not saying I’m any better, but it does seem that the unwelcoming atmosphere is driving people away. And GSG: Cid has contributed more to this site than probably anyone, so don’t go getting mad at him.

I think before my post in this thread, I hadn’t posted for like a week :smiley:

During the last couple of weeks the tenor of the site has been a bit shrill. Add to that the chronic problem of newer posters that don’t last (which is our problem, not theirs) and older posters being on the fence or posting less often and here we are…

For what it’s worth, Vicki’s reply was probably over the death of the Hindenburg. I think she rather liked that forum, so the sigh was more of a sigh of “I miss that place” rather than a sigh of “oh jeez GSG is posting.”

The things is: should an Online Board try to be in any specific way, or just be what its posters make out of it?

It is true there used to be more people active here, and those people were more creative. However, we all have lives to deal with, and sooner or later we will drift into focusing more on them. That’s perfectly fair. People go and people come. The new ones are supposed to make up for the ones that leave.

Has RPGC not done enough to bring in (and keep) new, more contributing members? Possibly. But it isn’t anybody’s obligation. We COULD try being nicer to newbies, but even that is no guarantee they will stay.

Personally, I still believe there are still enough interesting people here for me to keep coming back. Those who worry about the quality of the postings should try posting more themselves. Lead by example, you know.

PS: playing pranks on posters (like mucking with their avatars) doesn’t help.

Honestly, I’ve stopped posting lately only because I know if I get drawn into an argument, I’ll lose. When facing the likes of Sin or 984, I can’t compete with their eloquence, and just leaves me feeling like the halfwit little cousin that people put up with because they have to.

6000 plus posts is an indication that Cid has, in fact, said many things. No, I’m not comparing post counts, I’m just pointing out the lack of logic in that statement.

I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Cidolfas, leaving? Poppycock. I don’t buy it for a second.

But lets be honest here. This message board is attached to a site. Always has been, and it’s hard to maintain a message board around a mostly dead website. But it’s not just our fault - the RPG has really been in a funk for this past decade. I mean, there’s only been 4 Final Fantasies. The companies that used to make the games this site was based on either have merged to become new companies or just plain don’t exist anymore. Top it off with the fact that other people do what RPGC does for a living, thusly do it much, much better. And they distribute it for free elsewhere on the internet. The competition is pretty steep.

Which leaves us the Agora as the most active part of the site. I’ll say it - I don’t really post here anymore. For several reasons - save for zeppelin, none of the popular entities on the board entertain me. They annoy me, mostly. But I never came to this site to be entertained, really, I came here to be enlightened. This was by far the most intelligent collection of people I’ve ever encountered. As much as some people annoyed me, I always felt like I was learning something when I read these boards. Almost all of those people are gone now, and for the most part, I am too. I mean, I wish I could post more but from the way this thread looks, I can’t provide what it needs anyway.

Soo… what DOES it need?

Okay, bringing myself to post again. FUn.

I hang out with a group of self-proclaimed geeks, male and female. And yet of about a dozen or so people who can name every cartoon show they watched as a kid and which ones were great or not, I’ve met only one person in that group who played any RPGs before FF7. Everyone else got into it late, and seem to stick almsot exclusively to FInal Fantasies, Kingdom hearts, and Western RPGs. If I name a series like breath of Fire, Lufia, Suikoden, Wild ARMs, or even Dragon Quest, I jsut get blank looks. I think that what I’ms aying is, maybe people just aren’t playing classics anymore. So RPGClassics will of course die out, as the old members get odler, and no newer people come in.

I know what Cid has contributed, I read the history(it was heartbreaking). I just meant that I haven’t seen him do anything recently. When it all comes down to it, if all that happens here is troll posts or boring crap, thats all there is. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past; nobody comes to a forum to read the archives.

The point of an argument is to find the truth, it doesn’t matter who was right when it started but instead if both parties are right when its over.