You know what the hardest part about writing a paper is?

Finishing up the last couple of paragraphs. I’ve got my last paper of the semester due tomorrow at 8 in the morning and I’m still not done. I’ve got all the research done and most of the sections done, I just have to say which side made the best argument and why. This is sort of difficult and I just don’t feel like writing. I’m doing it on the Patriot Act and the constitutional issues surrounding it.

i hate writing persuasive papers.
well, which side do you favor? Sometimes the side you don’t agree with could still be the side with the better argument. in that case i would side with the more persuasive one, to make writing an argument easier.

I’m against the Patriot Act. The thing is, I’ve got enough to argue, I just don’t feel like writing anymore; I’m almost burned out. I’m gonna be talking about how it is mostly government officials that support it and that the arguments they make a few and lack logic (such as one is that law enforcement could do the same things without the Patriot Act).

Do what fiction writers do: close the whole thing up with referring to whatever you opened the paper with.

Interesting; I always have trouble with the opening paragraph. :o

Read through your paper and try to see which side leaves a stronger impression on yourself and build off that by tossing some numbers around.

Me too.

Bummer for you. I’m the oppisite and prefer persuasive to reasearch papers.

It isn’t that I don’t have enough to write, it is just that I don’t want to write anymore. I want my paper to be done. Besides, I’ve already got a page or so on my side, even then, my side still leaves the stronger impression.


First, simplify the points made by each side. Hints: Try writing up each in ONE sentence. (The first sentence of each paragraph usually is good enough.)

Next, organize the sentences by argument.

Now, read the whole thing. Then decide which side convinced you more.

Write (in one paragraph) why that side strikes you as being correct. Use examples from the lists, comparing them.

Add an appropiate ending (ex: “I learned from this that…”)

That’s it. If you feel it looks too simple, just add more sentences to each paragraph. Even if they aren’t really necessary.

Hope that helps.

I have this bad habit of playing the devil’s advocate and arguing things I don’t believe in. Then people take me seriously and attack me for opinions I don’t have. That sucks.

Starting and finishing.

also, don’t just say which side is better and why.
try to create a “call to arms”, if you will, that will rally the readers to your side.
my english teacher says that this shows that your intentions and opinions are sincere and that you have matured as a writer.

That isn’t what the paper was about. It wasn’t a persuasive paper, it was an analytical paper. I had to take a explain the arguments and say which one I believed was stronger. That is actually what my teacher said. It was about understanding the different arguments and then supporting my claim to which was better. I turned it in earlier today (at 8 in the morning).

I probably should have said it in the beginning, but I wasn’t really asking for help. Hell, on the outline my teacher made us turn in, the only problem with it was that it was too broad, which I did on purpose since it was an “outline.”

I appreciate the suggestions though.

You should write your paper in multiple sittings, otherwise it’s too easy to blow your creative load early and then have a shoddy closing.