You know what sucks most of all?

Remeber that thread I made “Would you like to know the secret to eternal happiness?” That linked to 42 other threads? That will never happen again. or at least until I am really really bored and there are enough threads to link to… man, that was the greatest thread of all time!

The good old days, and I haven’t a clue of what you are talking about.

Yea, that was pretty damn cool…

That was the best thread, and it will take forever to remake it.

Yeah, that was a sweet thread.

Damn, I forgot about that, it was some achievement.

I heard of it, but never saw it.:frowning:

That was awesome. I remember that. :smiley:

Unless this is a deliberate attempt to remind Charley of why nobody finds him funny anymore, I don’t see the reason why you had to necro a seven year old thread.

Bored and just cos it was there.

It wasn’t there; it was pretty far back.