You know what pisses me off?

People who post extremely long, hard to read, run-on sentances.


From: steve7 | Posted: 4/10/2004 11:36:59 PM | Message Detail

[i]in online whenever i move towards an area of my choosing where there is no1 there so i cant get killed the actaull weapons that i chose never go back to the normal way they were at the start of the game but whenever i steal 1 it always gives me back the weapons i first had but not the 1 i wanted to get, so when i use it, it goes back to the 1 i got from the dropped weapon even though i wanted the 1 i had in the start, so then i steal 1 from the ground but it gives me the 1 i had from the start even though i wanted the 1 i got.


It really irritates me p:unch::

And yes, that is a real post.

That’s a pretty pathetic vent. I give a 2.

Man it sucks that you get pissed of at something as little as a run on sentence because people use them all the time you know especially in casual situations such as on a message board and that is GameFAQs what do you fucking expect Shakespeare or something oh man Shakespeare my favorite Shakespearian play has to be “Macbeth” especially the fact that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth pretty much switch places throughout the entire play although Twelfth Night is also a pretty good play although not as many people have heard of it I saw the play Kiss Me Kate in tenth grade that was pretty fun and it got me into musicals I used to think music sucked back then and then I was like hey it doesn’t suck you know and now I listen to music all the time especially Iron Maiden and the like and so yeah run on sentences suck but your complaints are pretty silly.

Yeah, they do suck, but it’s so easy to make that mistake of making them. That’s why you proofread what you write.

Well since I have been on GameFAQs for a few years now, they get old.
They don’t really piss me off so much (I overexaggerated), but it just annoys me when I see so much of it. :\

Hey, we all have our pet peeves.

As someone who spent a lot of time at Gamefaqs before discovering RPGC, I can understand where you’re coming from.

You know what pisses me off? All of your posts, Giza. and your sig. they all suck.

A friend of mine types like that and we get on him about it. It is just one of those things about the internet that I have learned to ignore.

Mr. Period and Mr. Comma: Love them and everyone else will love you too!

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worse are the ones at some forums I visit. One sentence, 13 words- no punctuation marks, no capital letters, “u”, “n” and “r” instead of “you”, “and” and “are”, and no less than five spelling errors in the words that are full-length. Okay, I may be being picky here (this is a real-life example, though), but people have to be told- TYPING WITH YOUR ELBOWS IS BAD. X-(

Yes, that is annoying.

In other news…666 posts! I R TEH EV0L! >D

6…66- the number of the Trill
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Trill is teh deb0l!

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Seems like a typical GameFAQs patron to me. :hahaha;

Bout time someone posted that.