You know what I noticed?

The Accessories list at the SaGa Frontier 2 Shrine on here, and maybe other lists, are blatantly ripped off the Brady Games guide, withOUT credit being given. How do I know? Well, the Fire Flake and Green Glass are listed as “Breath Def Up, XXX Def Up” (Cold for one, Stat for the other) and as casting Recovery. This doesn’t mean anything, but it’s copying a mistake made in the Brady guide. What the guide says is something like this:

“Fire Flake – Number Number Number – Casts Recovery
Breath, Cold Def Up”

This is actually a wrapping error that occurs in several places in the guide’s item list, and happens with Blood Star and Sonic [Line Break] Poison for example; other spacing problems occur as well.

My point? Put like a notice that says “This info taken from the Brady Games Guide” or something, Skankin. Seriously. And no, there’s no such thing as “Breath Defense”.

neato :moogle: