You know the economy is bad when...

…LEX LUTHOR asks for a bailout.

This is pretty well done. Though they might’ve wanted to use a better bald wig. :smiley:

Check out some of the other comics-related videos in the site, too.

Well, here we are my friends. You have brought the economy’s vengeance upon yourselves!

We really need to find that Jew cave, DT.

Yeah, we do. See, I had a dream last night. I was in a field. And I had Grand theft auto chinatown wars, right next to me. But then the sky went black, and… Grand theft auto chinatown wars just melted in my hands… sob sob

Are we out of the woods yet? Only time will tell. But we must not forget the sacrifice one person made to restore our faith and make us believe in the economy once again. The person we must thank everyday for his amazing sacrifice… Barack Obama!

Wouldn’t this look like a job for the communist “Red Son” Superman more likely?

…aaaaaand derailed. :smiley: