You know something's wrong when you call the police and you get a sex hot line

…but apparently it’s been happening in my school district for the last 6 years. On the back of all student ID’s in the San Diego City School District, there is a number to anonymously call “Crime Stoppers” to report drugs deal, gang vioence, and other illegal activity. Despite the fact that everyone knew it was there, I had never heard of anyone using it ever.

But apparantly, one day a friend of my brother decides to call this number, and what does he get? A sex hot line. He checked the number, called again - same place! It was on the news (though I can’t find the corrisponding article on the web), and they interviewed the kid. Big deal, blah blah blah. Some district official says they’re working on it, eccetra eccetra.

Now here’s the funny part, The next day at school, I swear that half the school(this being the male half - of course) was calling it to get the sex line during lunch and after school. It had to be one of the most ironic things I’ve ever witnessed in person. What’s more bizarre is that a buddy of mine tried calling about a week later and got a district recording giving the real number. Wouldn’t that mean that the district owned the number in the first place? hmm…So that’s that. If I find the article, I’ll post it.


Wow. That’s comical.

Okay, that’s weird. Funny, but really weird.

What would be even funnier is if somebody called thinking it was a Sex Line and instead got the REAL Police number. “You want to do WHAT to me!? That’s it, you’re busted, mister!”


:hahaha; lol:hahaha;

I think you guys are misunderstanding the whole situation; f your CrimeStoppers posters are the same as mine, they promise a reward for calling in to report such activity. I guess we know the reward.

This … is amusing and disturbing at the same time.

Fuck tha police!

Thread over.

Cless, don’t you know it is properly spelt “Fuck tha Police”? Ignorant mofo.

Why dear sir I don’t know whatever you’re talking about

Perhaps you meant the House of Usher, down the street

You got me this time, snappyshoe.

Fuck tha police!