You know, Phantom Hourglass can just fuck right off

I’m at the part where I gotta navigate the fog and get to the water temple, I keep getting nailed by invisible enemies. I finally made it through with one heart left, I was two ticks from landing, and I get killed by a motherfucking tornado. Fuck it.

I can’t sleep either.

THe msot annoying part for me for that game is having to close the lid on the DS to get the map to the third temple. I was ready to eat my ds cartridge and shit it back out after that.

This is one of the few games I’ve not thrown a hissy fit with. I don’t think I had too much trouble beating this game.
Now Spirit Tracks I’ve had a lot of trouble with.

“Huh, I don’t remember that at all! It must have been easy peasy if you already knew what to do. Now closing the lid in the first game: that was BS. Oh wait, PH, not ST. Nevermind.”


Kairi, where did you have trouble in ST? I had to do the Fire (?) song (or the one where you first skip a note, anyway) multiple times because the mic thought my breath was failing in the last part, so I had to huff and puff like the big bad wolf.

Yay, cleared it. Now I’m at the point I was at where I stopped playing it about two years ago. I’m trying to figure out why I stopped playing it. I guess I’ll soon find out…

I wonder if anyone else will agree that the Ocean King’s Temple is the single biggest drawback to this game? It seems like having to constantly revisit it is just a lame and frustrating excuse to make the game longer, and the stupid little quirks they throw in as you get deeper just seem uncessary. I heard the game was marred by pacing issues, no doubt this is what they meant. At least there’s a save point half way through, but still…

The Temple of the Ocean King is consistently pointed to as the most aggravating and tedious point in the game. Even as you progress and gain new items to make the trips down quicker, it gets old fast. But I have to say, nothing is as wonderful as when you finally get the Phantom Sword, and can kick those bastards’ asses into the ground.

Aye. The worst part is that the temple is an interesting dungeon, but you have to get through it so many times it becomes worth it again only in the end (when you finally reach the end and when you can slash through the whole thing with the phantom sword). At least the final battle was far more interesting than I expected.

I finally slogged through the first part of the second half of the dungeon, and made it to Goron Island getting as far as trying to chase that fucker into the temple when my battery died and didin’t realize til later I never saved it :frowning:

At least going through that whole part took all of 10 minutes instead of the hour or so I spent the first time around.

Finished it finally. I just want to throw the damn thing out the fucking window. It just got more and more aggravating as it went on. Maybe because I was already aggravated with it, but just wanted to get it done and over with. I will say bosses were altogether interesting and the last sequence of boss fights pretty fun. Linebeck was a dick from start to finish, really had no reason to be in the game, nothing interesting about his character, no major revelations, no nothing. He had the ship. That’s it. He gets possessed by Bellum, but that just seemed to be something they decided to throw in at the last second, and it still didn’t really do much for his character even afterwards.

I hope, I pray, I BEG spirit tracks will better, but I’m taking a break from DS Zelda games right now.

I thought PH was pretty fun. I didn’t like having to play multiplayer for ship parts though due to everyone on Wifi being utter fucks.

I enjoyed PH and didn’t finish ST. If you hated PH, then I advise you not get ST.

I am in awe that you expected character development and a story out of a Zelda game. Complete awe.

PH and ST have enough similarities that I wouldn’t recommend you to pick ST up until you’re hankering to play Zelda again.

edit:Have you played Minish Cap?

Zelda has had interesting stories since Ocarina. I thought the one here was cute if not basic. And it’s not like I was expecting a lot from Linebeck, I was just hoping he had some reason to be there other than provide the ship and be a dick and get possessed by Bellum

I already own Spirit Tracks. I got it when I got TWEWY and Suikoden Tierkreis. I just haven’t started it yet.

I haven’t played Minish cap yet (Or the Oracle games for that matter)

You have weird fucking purchasing habits. And I am amazed at what you frame as a story.

Outside of Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask, none of the Zelda games venture beyond saving Zelda/Hyrule (or whatever incarnation therein) and defeating Gannon/What’s his face.

On the matter of ST Zelda may or may not be your cup of tea where it comes to allies (she very much serves as the game’s comedy relief). And I guarantee that you’ll be sick of the game at the first sight of the demon trains. It’s got good overworld music though. The endgame is also pretty hilarious given how many legendary junk the game throws at you (assuming you can get past the flute segments).

As for the Capcom Zelda games, play them. The Oracle games use Link’s Awakening’s engine and aside from some of the minigames (never really liked the Goron Dance) they are both solid games in their own right as well as two halves to an even larger quest (imagine the original Zelda but with the Second Quest being a different game rather than a bunch of rearranged dungeons). Minish Cap is basically a condensed LttP (which is really unfortunate given that it’s length and ease are it’s only drawbacks). Also all three of the games have some of the series’ best items (Roc’s Cape, a Magical Boomerang that you can direct instead of just throwing faster/farther, Magnetic Gloves, Seed Satchel, Switch Hook, Remote Bombs, and even it’s own Biggoron’s Sword).

I’m amazed you actually give a damn about my purchasing habits or what I frame as a story.

Anyway, I’ve had PH for a couple years, barely touched it, and got ST before I really got into PH, and thus before I had anything to complain about.

Basically, Minish Cap is very side-quest oriented. You are always exploring nooks and crannies, talking to people, unlocking new areas etc.