You's not Soul Caibur 3

It’s Soul Edge 4. Why does everyone act like Soul Edge/Blade never existed?

Because Namco acts as such. So everyone calls it Soul Calibur 3 (which I’m pretty sure is its Japanese name too).

:hint: Why SC3? Cause it’s called that way…

Um, it’s Soul Calibur 3 because that’s the title?
Super Mario World 2 is not Super Mario Bros 5, because that’s not the title.

I guess people never heard of soul blade/edge.I didnt even know that.Anyways, “calibur” sounds better :slight_smile:

The original title on the box of Hexen was “Heretic II: Hexen.” However, later, they went on to release a Hexen II and a Heretic II. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain had a spinoff called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, which had a sequel called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver II. When they decided to make a sequel to Blood Omen, instead of giving it a new subtitle, they made Legacy of Kain the title of the game, and made Blood Omen the subtitle. The sequel to First Blood was called Rambo: First Blood II, and the third movie in the series was simply title Rambo III.

Sequels to sequels and sequels of spinoffs aren’t uncommon. Look at Final Fantasy X-2. Heck, that doesn’t even make sense.

Psh, sequel names.

The first game of Guilty Gear was called Guilty Gear. The second game was Guilty Gear X. The third game was Guilty Gear XX, released in America as Guilty Gear X2. Not counting Isuka, which was more an experiment than a sequel, it looks like the fourth game is going to get the name Guilty Gear XX/ (Guilty Gear XX Slash). The slash is half of what you need to do to get an X, so I’m guessing in America they’ll call it, what, Guilty Gear X2½ or something?

Why would they do that? Shouldn’t it continue into Guilty Gear XXX, the source of oh so many bad topics?

Cause Soul Edge doesnt have Raphael Sorel and hes a fucking Pimp.

Because compared to Soul Calibur 1, Soul Edge was actually good.

Soul Calibur II is when Raphael came into the show. I really kinda skipped Soul Calibur and went straight from Soul Edge to SC2…

Ah well, I just got a new arcade stick from EB and its sweet. Its the Street Fighter 20th Anneversary collectors one… Its not a full 360, but it IS smooth rotation. The buttons are lined up arcade style- as per oldschool SF and are “dome” type buttons for double tapping.

Nicely made, and has every SF character included on it… (well, everyone from SFII and the Alpha series, sadly, the 3rd Strike characters are left out…)

For some reason, when I first read that, I thought you said he’s a pony. I’m going to continue to think that he’s a pony. Maybe that explains the fencing.

It’s not a coincidence that I play Raphael. Really.

Dude, Pony power for the win, seriously!