You have herpes! has a dating service

Well, if you think about it it’s pretty practical. If I had herpes, which I do not, I would rather date people that had herpes as well, so that I would not pass the disease onto someone else. Isn’t that logical?

This raises a question: What is Charle doing at

I got the link from an email…

Eh… well, arent there dating sites for like AIDS people… so why not herpes? And I know a lot of people with types of herpes… cold sores, that is.

I prefer the syphilis dating service. Al Capone used to use that.

So did Christopher Columbus!

This makes me wonder about our society… if there is a DATING! service for herpes… then just imagine how many people are running around with it… and for us girls we will never know unless we get checked out… besides its inside, not outside like men…
that makes me just realized that 1/3 of my campus has some type of deases, and now my parents wonder why I dont have a B.F.
I think a good majority has AIDs… no comment on that though

… so, that’s how I got herpes…

I’d normally go on a rant about the lack of morality these days, but I’m tired, so… I just think it’s indecent how some people catch those diseases and then go screwing around while hiding the diseases from their partners. How many people get infected each year bacause of that?

The dating service is exclusively for people with Herpes so that people DO NOT get infected. I don’t understand why people think that these people are obviously going around screwing people knowledgable of a fucking disease, and wanting to pass it off on everyone. Yeah, some people are like that, but most people are fairly decent enough not to go screwing around without fucking disclosing the condition that they’re in.

I’m not talking about these guys in particular. Even though that kind of disease isn’t exactly pleasant to have, at least they’re honest about it. But what’s really scary is that in some countries, where the population is reasonably informed about STDs and prevention methods, a great number of people go around without protection just because they don’t want to bother.

Well, if you’re smart, the only reason you wouldn’t use protection is if you’re in a monogamous relationship with someone who has been tested. You should be tested, too, 'cause that’s just curteous.

I have to admit I’ve grown somewhat skeptical about that stuff. I have yet to see a relationship between people of my age that will last more than just a couple of months. You can only let your guard down a tiny bit if you know there aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises, and if you have known the person in question long enough to be sure that she won’t go screwing behind your back. And even so… there are still people who get infected and don’t find out for a long time.

One of my best friends went out with a girl for 6 years, broke up for a year, and has been going out since!