You have been asked to fight for the Returners!

However, you are unsure of your power, and you also feel that if you turn down this request you will be granted an item much greater than what you will receive if you accept. On the other hand, the Returners need your help badly to fight the evil Empire who enslaved you and used you as a weapon. What will you do?

Time to make chopped liver out of the Imperials, item or no item! :enguard:

If they really wanted your help, they’d give you the awesome item for joining, so screw them.

Genji Glove > Gauntlet.

i always prefer fighting evil over getting presents. :moogle:

yes helping others nuke their enemies is fun.

Like most RPG decisions, it’s not like you have a choice.

I don’t need your genji glove!

Returners Go!!!