You guys are friggin' terrorists

At least that’s how media companies in Europe see you.

For those too lazy to go there, companies want ISP’s to keep logs of the pages you’ve been browsing, and the right to read these logs. They would then sue people who’d been caught browsing sites like the Pirate Bay.

We know this won’t pass, but the Brittish government is giving signals that the idea may be welcomed by it.

Meh. “Big Brother is watching you” doesn’t sound quite so far fetched when your government thinks this is a good idea.

We are? Oh no lads, they’re onto us, get rid of the guns, quick now!

Wait, so you can now be arrested and other such stuff for visiting sites? And how hard is it to plant false evidence?

Who the fuck would go through like, 300,000,000,000 webpages?

They think that though they wouldn’t be able to arrest everybody - but more for lack of prison space than difficulty in filtering large amounts of data - giving a few examplar punishments here and there will make people think twice before putting an eyepatch on.

You have found me out, runs away. I dont have an ipod or a mp3 player, but i download crap to my computer, so i guess im still a terrorist…whatever.

TD’s out of luck.

TD is not out of look. Unless a British person gets in to trouble and implicates TD for having REALLY INCINATING data. I hope TD’s Pr0n folder does not contain Child pr0n…

I know that FM recieverd and CD->MP3 are not lawbreaking, as long as I retain the oringal and not give it away and keep the orignal.

Look? I said luck, not look.

TD’s the one with all those roms or someshit.

i just get my MP3’s from free sites, so i dont them often. So, do i get 72 virgins after i download a certain amount of Mp3s, or do i have to continue to download them?


But that report is confuising to understand TD perspecive since that was was written in Scotland for the great Britsh public to read. (Silightly Belated Happy ST Andrews day for those scotsmen and women)

((Serious now))
Well, I know of a couple of people that would be arrested, but thats a different story. Also I think the whole idea, well to some people, is a taking away people’s online privacy, because not everyone is pirating…just the majority of people who are smart enough too.

Big firms including Sony and EMI want to use new powers designed to track terrorists on the internet to crack down on music and film pirates - including the parents of children who download music - who are estimated to cost the industry £650m a year.

I’d love to know how that figure was calculated and who calculated it. My guess is big firms like Sony and EMI. These ridiculous figures are always calculated by assuming that every album someone downloads is an a “loss,” but that is a ridiculous method for it assumes the person would buy the album in the first place. I’m not saying this justifies illegally downloading a music album, but I’ve yet to see any conclusive evidence that piracy has directly really caused such humongous damages to companies.

Go corporate conglomerate.
Make it so that your CEOs will never be deprived of another summer house or yacht ever again because a middleclass 10-year old downloaded a Raffi song off of teh internetz. (b>_>)b

Oh yeah, I’m totally fucked with this. Except for the fact that the vast majority of pirating I do does not involve websites. THEY’VE GOT NOTHING ON ME.

No we’re not, we’re freedom fighters. Viva la Revolutione! This so much rubbish it’s more rubbish than rubbish.

Can someone please explain the “logic” behind the “P2P is terrorism” argument? I don’t think downloading a CD and crashing two planes into a building are on the same level.

Bah, when they feel that someone might be threatening their multi-billion dollar profits, the corporations start getting all paranoid and treating everyone as a potential criminal. If people could get that content at decent prices, they wouldn’t feel tempted to download it all. As always, the companies try to play the whore and drive up the prices.

They claim that terrorists sell pirated stuff, and it’s through this that they raise cash for terror operations.

Well, I don’t buy anything from terrorists, I download my stuff from P2P networks because they’re free. If I were to pay I would pay the company instead of a pirate, since they at least give warranty on the product.

And I don’t think terrorists would raise much cash by selling pirated stuff either. I believe they make much more via donations.