You get it right... Then you fuck it up! WHY?!

SC is smooth, seamless, and realistic. WC3 is big, chunky, and saturated with jaggies. Only WC3’s cinematics were graphically acceptable.

The two use entirely different art styles and rendering methods. You might as well compare Half-Life 2 and Vib-ribbon.

Well, let’s just leave it at this then: Certain art styles and rendering methods are better than others :stuck_out_tongue:

Dudes, it’s pretty stupid to think that they would release games with the EXACT same systems everytime. It’s evolution, management, whatever. Find something you like and stick with it. You can’t expect games to be extremely similar to one another…

If I was a company, and I made games that my some of my customers thought were crappy, yet bought anyway, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. As long as they’re profitable that’s what would matter.

If you hate these games so much, just don’t buy them. Only when sales suffer will companies get the point (whatever “the point” is).

WC3 PWNS j00r SC!!!

Yep, In more ways then one :slight_smile:

Wow…3S being the pinnacle of the fighting game genre would DEFINITELY be argued, you’ve got that right. 3S is a very AWFUL fighting game on a competitive level. The sad thing is, it could have been great, but they kept on nerfing players. If you wanna use, say, Sean or Ibuki against say, Chun-Li, well GOOD, LUCK buddy. :stuck_out_tongue: Theoretically, every character in that game is balanced because you can parry, but that’s just complete bullshit. The balance needs to lie in the characters’ individual strengths and weaknesses, not a fucking universal skill that doesn’t help sway the balance in the favor of the characters that fucking suck ass, like Remy, or Twelve.

The problem with Capcom fighters is, they make a TON of great systems, but they never, EVER refine them. Street Fighter 2 is the best competitive fighter around, and it’s that way because several versions were made. Most of them, save for the very last version, don’t even have very huge differences. Every version of Street Fighter 3 was completely different, like a completely different GAME almost…the only thing was, none of them were ever any good. None of them really took note of the things that could have made the game great, and fixed them. The end result is a great idea and an awful execution. That is the sad story of Street Fighter 3.

I’m only gonna say this ONCE, but I’d like you to consider this when thinking about a lot of other things you’ve said that I may or may not spend time refuting: The Japanese game industry is failing because japanese game companies for a long time refused to innovate, and just gave their fans rehashes of old crap. Even Keiji Inafune (One of the main creative talents for Capcom: The mastermind behind the first half of MMX, and the new MMZ series, as well as the new fighter, Capcom Fighting Evolution, and the upcoming game Namco X Capcom) said this was the truth. The sad fact is, you have to keep making games new, fresh, and different. You can DO this by implementing old stuff. For example, Capcom Fighting Evolution is easily the best fighter I’ve seen in YEARS. All it does though is take fighters from different Capcom games and pit them against each other. But! What makes it good is that it’s REFINED. The 3S characters don’t have anything that puts them way above the Darkstalker characters, of the SF2 characters, and so on. But, it’s also NEW because there’s never been a game that has mixed ENTIRELY different systems together like that, let alone make it balanced, competitive, and fun.

Also, it is weird that they’re making a Street Fighter EX4, if that’s what you meant…but try and have faith, and don’t knock it til you’ve tried it :stuck_out_tongue: Even Street Fighter Alpha eventually made a somewhat decent game with their final effort. Maybe EX4 won’t dissapoint.

Another example is Megaman X. There is no GAMEPLAY reason to change it. Asthetic quality is also worse than the 2d counterpart… I just dont see why you’d think “Well, the 2d gameplay needs to be intact… but lets make it all with 3d models that simply cannot perform as well as 2d YET”.

While I admit that I don’t like the new art style of Megaman X8…as I said before, the necesity of innovation to sell games is becoming more imminent. X8 does a GREAT thing with the world of MMX; it takes the same gameplay you remember and enjoy (It’s really just much better to play than X4-X6), but it makes it more pleasing to the eye of most. Whether you wanna admit it or not, X8 was a KILLER idea, pleasing fans both old and new. Unless you’ve a conservative gamer who doesn’t like innovation. :stuck_out_tongue:


DUDE, its cause we don’t know what we want. We just want to bitch…

I’ll just say, I hope you’re kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually really liked X4… The one problem is that the dashes were slower than in the SNES games. I need speed.

Except that WC3 is already pretty much dead because everyone who played it when back to SC >_>;;

You mean in RPGC or out of everyone who plays? WHAT DO YOU MEAN HADES


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lol hlep lol

I’m with SG in that Third Strike is deinitely not the best fighter. Even then, companies have to still make games and change them to keep people interested. When Street Fighter 2 came out, it was hailed as the pinnacle, but as everyopne has seen, the rehashes and minor changes weren’t all welcomed (made most apparent by the Anniversary Collection). Third Strike is a good fighter, but it’s got problems. There are also very different tastes. Like me, my favorite Street Fighter is Alpha 3. ust playing Third Strike makes me want to bust out Alpha 3, but even then I wouldn’t call it the pinnacle. When companies don’t change their games, people grow tired of them even quicker and they get accused of milking it.

As for X games, they have had some nice improvement. Like X1 through X4 had some nice steady improvement. X5 through X7 have had some problems, but in those, most of the problems were just simple elements that just had a big impact and took some fun. X8 is sign of them getting back on track. In fact, my only real beef with the game is that some of the levels are too short and there are too many vehicle levels. Get rid fo the vehicle levels and stretch out the goodness of the other levels and X8 is pretty awesome, they even returned to videos instead of that stupid picture shit they had from X5 to X7.

Ony a more genreal note, if the developers didn’t change their games, why would you bother buying it? It is just the same thing you already have? Hell, the lack of change is one of the thigns a lot of people complain about sports games.


I had had a big argument about defending 3rd Strike but I decided it isnt worth it. But I will say that parrying isnt bullshit. Making characters balanced is very important. I whole-heartedly agree. But the aspect of parry stands alone as a 2nd determining factor in the player skill. My reasoning is this, in a game without parry, a player can know thier character inside out and win fights against top players. HOWEVER, in 3S, the aspect of parry raises the bar of skill in that it forces players to not only know THIER character but the timing of other characters. I personally feel that in that aspect of gameplay, 3rd Strike stands out.

I understand and expect you to disagree with my opinion on this, but that is why I feel that your statement about character balance is (while not wrong) somewhat inaccurate.

My argument is still accurate because parrying doesn’t level the playing field. If you don’t believe me, pick Sean, and play against someone who knows their shit with, say, Dudley, Makoto, or Chun-Li. See how many times you win. :stuck_out_tongue: The point is, if you take away that parrying, the game falls apart. And, shit, WITH parrying, the game is glued together about as bad as a 1st grader’s popsicle stick house. :stuck_out_tongue: Parrying doesn’t make the game balanced.

Take a look at this statement:

My reasoning is this, in a game without parry, a player can know thier character inside out and win fights against top players. HOWEVER, in 3S, the aspect of parry raises the bar of skill in that it forces players to not only know THIER character but the timing of other characters. I personally feel that in that aspect of gameplay, 3rd Strike stands out.

The flaw in this reasoning is, you have to know the timing of other characters in any game to be a top level player. It’s a common jargon amongst fighters, called “mix-up” which makes a player dangerous. Here’s a little example…

Let’s pretend I’m playing as Guile. I could throw a Sonic Boom, but what if I just jab to freak you out, and then hit you as you react accordlingly? I’m jumping at you…I’m probly gonna use Forward (Medium) kick, but WHEN am I gonna throw it out? The way priority works in fighters, it DOES matter. Against some people, I’ll win by throwing it out first. With some people, I’ll win by throwing it out second. Consequently, the all-important factor of getting someone to react in the way you want is important. Ok, so you block the kick. Now what? Do I go for the Crouching Roundhouse? Or do I just tick throw? If I’m playing Zangief, which one is smarter? If I’m playing Ryu, which one is smarter? I’ve got you in the corner…I’ll probly throw a Sonic Boom at you so I can force you to block…but then what? Do I go for the trip? Do I tick throw? I wonder what my opponent is gonna do if he blocks that trip? Will he jump, or counter? Should I just throw out a crouching forward to make him react simply out of habit, but then stuff his next move? If I’m playing Vega, which one is a better idea? How about versus Chun-Li? Guess what, man. This is barely touching base, and this is just Street Fighter 2. You have to know your timing, you have to know their timing. You’ve always had to. Parrying has not made that a necesity, but rather, it’s just added a new, safer option. In fact, it’s kind of lame in the fact that it’s given an option to everyone. That’s not balanced, really. That’s just kind of silly. :stuck_out_tongue: Back in the day, you had to either fight back or defend and deal.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think parrying is bullshit…in fact, parrying is COOL :stuck_out_tongue: But, it doesn’t make the game balanced. Having everyone have a parry really eliminates a lot of strategy from the game; just how are you gonna do fireball traps when you can parry them? Even parrying a super, like Shinkuu Hadouken, is really easy :stuck_out_tongue: The bottom line is, parrying is cool, but parrying doesn’t save Third Strike from a lot of its inherent balance flaws, and having everyone be able to parry really kills a lot of old strategies. It isn’t something i like to admit, cos I think 3S could have been really awesome. But, it wasn’t. Thankfully, CFE really picked up the slack and evened the 3S lineup out with the rest of the cast, even if it’s only 4 of the characters.

I completely disagree with everything you said in this thread. Your opinion is crap, your face is ugly and your girlfriend puts out.

And I think you were talking to SG, not me :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the X games, they were pretty entertaining.

In x1-X3, they maintained the same system, added small little things along the way, each game made it refreshing to be back as X again. X4 had a GREAT soundtrack, (which BTW, the soundtracks of the X games change drastically in style after X5) and the gameplay was awesome. Sadly…the days of X5 came…X5 made it terribly annoying with its timer & ranks. The second they touched the rank system, it all went to hell. Except with X6, gettign tons on DNA souls was the best & easiest way to raise rank, I love X6, it’s Techno soundtrack, the grameplay, & the rank system.

X7…what can i say about it…the bosses are nearly impossible, te stages are VERY fun, and X only gets 1 armor…oh, and the soundtrack…is VERY mediocre…

So far, the X series has evolved drastically, then de-evolved…, re-evolved, & de-evolved again…i have not play X8, but I hope it’s good.

You said the Apocalypse for the X series came at X5. Then the only “bad” X game you played that came after that was X7. There was a good game in-between. You make no sense.

He said that X1-4 were good, then X5 sucked, then X6 was good, then X7 sucked. You’re such a fucking noob TD. -_-