You get it right... Then you fuck it up! WHY?!

I’ve been thinking about this lately… Why does it seem that the video game industry is always messing around with good things that they accomplish?

My own personal example:

Capcom Fighting games:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike is arguably the penacle of the fighting game genre. HOWEVER, there has yet to be any other game produced that remotely FEELS like 3rd Strike.

Instead, there are half a dozen shitty 3d Street Fighter games ( the EX series ) and a new one on the way. There are things good and bad about 3D… Just the same, there are good and bad things about 2D. But when you have a formula for 2D gameplay that you try to change over to 3D with lower quality graphics (compaired to the 2D counterpart) and shotty gameplay that cannot hold a candle to the original… I just have to ask myself “WHY!?”

Another example is Megaman X. There is no GAMEPLAY reason to change it. Asthetic quality is also worse than the 2d counterpart… I just dont see why you’d think “Well, the 2d gameplay needs to be intact… but lets make it all with 3d models that simply cannot perform as well as 2d YET”.

2D is at it’s peak but certainly not refined enough to start changing things. Mostly because 3D games are still in there infancy and need to be explored more before making GOOD SERIES take the death jump to 3D.

God I hate developers.

Now that you mention it, I really miss SO2’s item creation system.

They’re generally trying to make stuff better, or have it appeal to a bigger audience. These are also sometimes calls the management makes, instead of the development team. A prime example of this would be how the new PoP game RAPES SoT’s corpse. At least, I pray to god that was a management call.

Indeed. I miss not having to spend bajillions of fol to make a passable piece of equipment. Or having healing items that were practical in battle immediately on production, not after 2-3 steps of refinement.

I’ve always said that game developers need to learn the meaning of the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

They’re all out of ideas, seriously, they have nothing

Yes, damn it! You’re exactly right! They’ve already produced the best they have, so they should stop making games entirely!

Please, drown in my sarcasm. It’s what it’s there for.

If Street Fighter: 3rd Strike and Megaman X are perfect games that you don’t want changed, stop playing their sequels.

Or, you know, it could be that their perfection is only your own personal view, and that each subsequent game made contained changes because most people would call rereleases of the exact same game time and time again a BS way to make quick cash on the developer’s part.

I honestly also thought the X games were better in 2D, but I have no preference on the Street Fighter games.
Always liked the NeoGeo ones better, m’self. Especially Ninja Masters.

Hey! I like Warrior Within! And so does my friend, luvweaver. He’s been a fan of PoP since… well, I don’t know, but at least since Sands of Time cam out, and he says both games are awesome!

As for all these 2D to 3D conversions, I hate them! Platform games were the best! I miss Super Metroid, and Megaman X1. Metroid Prime just can’t match up. Samus is coolest when view from the side! :smiley:

Amen. I’m not saying that 3d games are bad. No, infact I KNOW they have potential to be far superior to 2d games… HOWEVER:


The only shining light to all of this for me is the hope that another series will have some crazy magic occur in it’s 2d/3d transformation like the wonderful METAL GEAR SOLID. It is in that game that the proof and hope for a future of good 3d games lies… for me at least.

If you ask me, Metroid made the transaction from 2D to 3D very nicely. AND they still put out some great 2D titles recently!

You seemed to have somehow completly skipped the argument here. Consumers constantly complain that things aren’t inovative enough, or that developers keep putting out the same games. And then the consumers complain more when developers try new things and we just want the “old formula”.

It’s lose-lose.

The gameplay is entertaining, I was referring to how WW is basically a mirrored SoT, what with the heavy emphasis on an angsty, unlikeable hero. Appealing to a bigger audience.

DUDE, its cause we don’t know what we want. We just want to bitch…

I have this sudden urge to bitch about how FFTA raped both FFT and FFIX. Don’t worry, I’m holding it back.

I think they are trying to balance between people that want kickass graphics (The newer people) and the people that want to have the old awesome gameplay (The people that have been playing for a while). Unfortunately, I think that there are more new people getting into games now than there are old players.

If by “Raped” you mean “Defiled and made a mockery of” then I’d agree.

And that, my friend, answers the WHY in my title.

The bitchin’

You ask them to experiment, then complain when they churn out shit.

Another example is WC3. Somehow they downgraded from Starcraft, still huge after what, 8 years at least, to WC3, a graphically inferior game that got old after 2 weeks and facillitated an algal bloom of retarded fanboys.

WC3 is graphically inferior to SC? What?