You crazy American audiences (warning, thinking may be required)

Why is it that people in the US in a cinema will cheer/boo/clap/whatever while watching a film? I just got through watching a US pirated video of Alien vs Predator, and they were clapping and 'woo’ing when people got killed gruesomly! Over here NO-ONE speaks in cinemas, except maybe to laugh if something’s particularly funny. If you did anything I saw on that video over here, you’d eventually be booted out of the screening! Why is that? Why so different?

I don’t see it happen much. Last, and only time, I recall that happening was one or two scenes in RotK. But then again, I don’t see movies with big crowds, and we Southerners show more class than our Yankee brethren.

Because us yanks are obnoxious bastards. Duh.

Damn tootin’.

Ugh, i hate that so much. That and when people clap at the end of a roller coaster, or say ‘good job’ to the operator. Like he did anything >_>;;

EDIT: Oh! And i hate it even <i>more</i> when people yell ‘focus!’ or ‘turn it up!’ toward the projection booth in the theatre. >_< THE ENTIRE THING IS AUTOMATED DAMMIT! THERES NO ONE BACK THERE!

No one does that around here. Sure, we get a lot of people who dress up for the movies (When I went to see Spiderman 2, I swear there were at least 7 people in the theater dressed up as Spidey), but at least they kept quiet until the end.

I second the “obnoxious bastards” oppinion.

It’s Fandango I tells ya.

In Sweden we’re more or less told to shut up before the movie starts. At least, there’s occassionally a clip from a “western film” going like this:

Cowboy Guy 1 and Cowboy Guy 2 walk towards each other on an empty street, hand by their gunholster. They draw, and 2 is shot down. 1 turns around and starts walking towards the sunset, when there’s a sudden beep from a cellphone.
1: spins around, shoots still-on-the-ground 2 “You bastard!”
2: “OW!” tries to roll out of the way
1: “You had your cellphone on during the movie, you som-bitch!”
2: “It wasn’t me!” gestures towards camera “It was somebody in the audience!”
1: “Pff. None of them are THAT stupid!” shoots the ground beside 2

The end.

Thats strange, in the midwest, we laugh at funny parts.

Other then that were quiet, not counting the jerkass teenagers in front of me all the time that think there friggen Tom Servo and Crow.

I think you heard so much noise in your bootleg DVD since it was probly taped on opening night, and AvP probly attracted a lot of god damn wiener kids the first night

Thinks about the irony of Pierson complaining about crowd noise during a PIRATED VIDEO :thinking:

Yeah. I’m just that anal Wil. :stuck_out_tongue:

It just struck me as strange that someone would make THAT amount of noise during a filming, ANY filming. Admittadly, it was all at points that you WOULD cheer at Predator slices Alien’s face off. Face slides off Alien onto the ground, but it was just… weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Wiener kid’? I’d ask what one was, but I think I have a pretty good idea anyway. :\

a damn wiener kid, is some random kid that comes up to you and starts talking about his favorate web comics, and how much he likes neon geneis evangelion.

It might depend on when the pirating took place. If it’s opening day, there will be TON of noise, especially if it’s a big movie like AvP. Personally, I’ve only seen it once, and that happened on opening day for the second Lord of the Rings movie. And it was simply a bunch of applause at the beginning, and a standing ovation at the end. Nothing in-between.

This would also explain why MST3K flopped in Europe. Oh well, it’s your loss.

Actually I love MST3K, as do a ton of people I know. They regularly show the movie (This Island Earth) on ITV (Channel 3). For some reason they just never show the series. Bastards. >:(

Dunno, our movies are generally quiet.

When american’s watch movies we generaly have to bring at least 12 Big Macs and 18 20 oz bottles of pepsi to keep ourselves settled (2 hours is a long time to go without eating a meal after all!). Usualy its hard to even hear the movie with the massive amount of noise that comes from 40 americans cramming their food hole with the delightfull McDonney’s sandwitches and sugar water and the belching that comes afterwords. When we do pay attention to the movie, we respond by thowing wrappers and feces at the screen while yelling “BLAGHGGH WHEREST HE EXPLOSTIONS/??” and "WHERESA BRUCE WILLIS AND ARNOLD SHWARTSENAGEAR??/1?), and “MORE BOOBSSS!!”.
After every showing of a movie in an american theater, a Has Mat team must come in and clean/sterlize the theater, as the ammount of vomit, feces, and sweat could potentialy leak into our water supply and kill every last one of us.

So thats why you heard so much noise from the crowd

They’re just commenting on the fact that he has a good job, he gets free rides y’know!

Usually, when I pay to go see a movie, the room tends to be pretty empty. The exception to this was at ROTK, where it was packed. And the only crowd noises I’ve ever heard were during the Matrix: Reloaded, where a group of kids were entertaining themselves at the beginning by setting fire to the seats.

i guess you can think of it this way: why bother being reserved when movies invoke certain emotions? it feels better to let it out than to turn to the person you’re seeing it with and say, “Man, is this movie grabbing your balls as hard as it is mine?”

Sometimes it happens in the movie theatres around here. Like with others, when I went to see Alien Vs. Predator, people kept screaming out ‘Damn’ or ‘Holy shit!’ when something happened, and it started to get on my nerves. I didn’t mind it the first two or three times, but doing it like 20 times, it’s just annoying then.