You americans and your crazy candy!

My sister just came back from a trip down to the states and she brought back the goodies. So many goodies you CAN’T get up here in the mystical, shrouded realm of Canada. Shock Tarts, Peanut Butter M&Ms, a S’mores chocolate bar, Krackle, Milk Duds and best of all: Thomas Kemper old fashioned soda. Man, it was great…SO MUCH CANDY AND YUMMIES! She even found Lime Tic-Tacs! THEY’RE NEW! Anyone else have some favorite candy you can’t find where you live?

I was going to merely pass this thread by with a “meh” until I realized that you said Canadians can’t get Milk Duds… they can’t get fucking Milk Duds!? WHAT KIND OF EVIL COUNTRY ARE YOU LIVING IN!? They are obviously an evil totalitarian dictatorship, because Milk Duds own; and I don’t use the word “own” like that normally.

Canada: 0, america: 1 Booya. You don’t get peanut butter m&m’s or krackle? Love those, krackel is my favorite little hersheys thingy. Uh is Thomas Kemper old fashioned soda soda or like hard candy flavored soda things like root beer barrels? Lime tictacs, eck. I have to try that smores bardrools Uh supposedly pocky is good? What are some other foreign goodies?

Krackles rock.

Sorry, but the Canadian Hockey team beating the US Hockey for the Gold medal in the last winter olympics brings the score up to Candia 1, America 1.

And I am quite fond of reeses cups in general, but the new white chocolate ones are just damn incredible. I also love Peanut Butter M&Ms, and am quite offended that you’ve never had the pleasure.

Canadians are like born with ice skates on or something ;p I mean Wayne Gretzky is Canadian isnt he?

… I want white chocolate Reeses cups… I have no idea what Milk Duds are, and all those other things mentionned. Well, now I know because I checked on Google, but before reading this, I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: The “newest” candies I had are caramel Aero/Kit Kat bars and Smarties chocolate bars (white and milk chocolate). Nothing exceptional.

Americans 1 Canadians 1. We have smarties, you don’t.

Uhh, really? Man, I need to go out of Canada more often… I didn’t even know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic:
I like all German and Swiss chocolate…it is heaven on Earth!

Off topic:

Canada: 0, america: 1 Booya.
Sorry, but it’s more like Canada: 1, america: 531. And yes, Canada’s 1 point is because Bush never ran their country.

Bitch, of course we do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canada has a lower crime rate than America, free health care, and they DON’T have a group of crazy neoconservatives running their country. Canada has us beat ten billion times.

And we’re talking about candy, not which country has the bigger penis.

Humor me, what are the 531 reasons? 0_o But yaya Canada gets a point for not having a whatever bush is for a president.
Smarties? Uh we have that but it aint chocolate, doh, or i haven’t seen it probably. I need to get out of my freakin house more.

:too bad; I’m craving chocolate a bit now rar

Lay off the crack pipe- it could save your life.

Actually, I think we do have smarties. I think I’ve seen them around.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have the same kind of Smarties that we do. Are they chocolate, 'cause I know there’s some other American candy called Smarties.

Yup, we have smarties. My friend sniffs them as an alternative to cocaine x.x

Do you have Charleston Chew up there? If you don’t, oh man are you guys missing out.

Oh man, I love the Shock Tarts. Haven’t had them in a while though.