I’m back. And I seem to be having issues typing, not sure why, but I guess I’m not back into the swing of things.

Camp was cool, children rule, and working for no pay is less than cool, but redeeming when little kids thank you for changing their lives. Anyway, that’s where I went; to camp. For a month. And now I’m back.

I see there is no more tower, I won’t even bother asking about that, I’m sure I can pick it up from somewhere. I guess my little plan went sour though heh ;p

Anyway, this is merely an explanation helping me to avoid the onslaught of questions I know I’d get if I just started posting again.

Woop woop.

Hmm…Sorcerer returning…is this good or bad? :slight_smile:

You left?

Welcome back, sorc.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
You left?


Sorc was here in the first place?

WTF is a Sorc, anyways? Let’s talk about something else…

Good to hear you’re back. Kids can get to you if you ain’t careful…

Yo Sorc, wassup?

Welcome back, Sorc. I’m glad you had a good time at camp.

Welcome back man. It’s nice to see you had a good time at camp.

Sorc…NOOOOO!!! prepares his massive plan to kill Sorc

Hey man, welcome back. As soon as I saw you here, I remembered that you left. heh.

welcome back Sorc. I missed you over here…:frowning: Anyways, glad to hear that you had fun.:smiley:

Good to see you back :smiley: I already missed my donut-man:moogle:

Welcome back, Sorc.

And a sorc (well, k and not in fact) is a rodent in Swedish.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Goodbye! :frowning: :thud: :fungah: :hmm: :enguard:


does the welcome back dance

Children… ick!

The Tower is indeed dead. I destroyed it with my cul… uh, I mean… new spiritual organization.

Joiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin usssssssssssssssssss… joiiiiiiiin ussssssssssssss!

Oh, and hi.

Begone, demon!:enguard:
whacks him with a Bible