Hey, I’m the new guy. Im not on much during the week, but if you wanna reach me, I play War3 on the US East server, same user name. Hope to have fun.


Do you know what your nick means?

Shakes his head slowly, not looking at dingle, as he dusts the snow of his hooded mantle, and pulls back the hood

So you’re the new guy here. I’m sure the rules are pretty clear. Don’t exhume any dead threads, its sacreligious. Don’t be an obnoxious fuck-tard for no reason. Don’t intentionally jock the flow of any threads. Spamming, Trolling… blah blah blah. Don’t feed them after midnight. Keep them away from water and bright lights. Don’t go into the D section of the compound. Its restricted for your safety. Don’t leave the grounds after sunfall. If you see anything approach during the nightime, shot first, then ask questions. You are welcome to utelize the storeroom, we’ve got plenty of supplies… Oh yeah, welcome

Hands Dingle a Red Ryder BB Gun and a box of baking soda

Good luck.

Yeah! I BB gun! shoots a nearby cat

Hi. Now why the hell would you shoot a cat?

I hate cats. Good enough?

Cat hater!! DIE!! With a hose in your ass!

Suddenly my gift feels cheapened and I wonder if all gifts that I give will be used as instruments of cruelty and malice. What is life worth if people cant just SHOOT THEIR FRICKIN EYE OUT LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!!!11elevenzies

Why are the two pop stars making babies?

This is like, the third one today. I honest to god think a new forum should be made specifically for these welcome threads.

Thanks for the warm welcome. :bowser:

Whatever. You shot a cat.


<!-- I didn’t know we still had a character limit >_> -->

Woweeee! Hyped up nutter: newbie thead, HI! excues me wilst I go mad for the amourt of newbie theads…

He’s lost it before the Fin line: We’ll have to finnish it off then

Nutter’s Sprite Crew
read from card Hello Sir/madam! I am Windows 2000, I am often refered to as 2k or 2000. Please do not be alarmed, I am here to welcome you as a repesative from Nutter’s OS group, where we ask “What do you want to do today?™”

That, or just not allow it.

Hi Dingleberry, I’m sure cats hate you too and will probably get you while you sleep.

Welcome. :wave: