Yo, ya like ninjas?


Ninja Jepordy!

Heh. Not bad. :smiley:

But still not worth cookies!

Saw it, watched it to the point where Alex Trebek exploded, thought it was incredibly stupid and unfunny, and closed it.

Sorc, man, you can do better! Find me some funnies!

I always suspected that Trebeck was a pirate…all my friends thought I was crazy, but looks who’s laughing now! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! :booster:

technoized jeopardy theme sorta! Awesome other then that yawn we all ready know ninjas can kick ass.

How can the ninja do Soboku(Or however it’s spelt) if it would kill him after every episode? Sorry I tend to be literal.

The ninjas are very powerful magical beings like leprechauns. You shall never understand the ways of the ninja!

seppuku? something close to that.

Whaling on the guitar was the only good bit. The rest just wasn’t very good.

Ah, who am I kidding the rest was crap.

He was still, however, asking if you like ninjas. Which I do, after a fashion.

Fuck you guys.

I liked it. It was of the stupid funny variety, but still funny. Maybe you gotta be in the right mood for it to be funny.

I’d give it a B- it wasnt too bad but it wasnt that great either

Leprechauns are powerful?

Kinda passe’ most of that stuff was from realultimatepower anyway

Just some goofy ninja stuff