Yo, Snowball

I’ll do some pretty nasty things to Mayl if the price is right.


There’s such a thing as funny when a thread like this was first posted by Dragon’s Revenge, then there’s such a thing as lame and moronic when someone else makes multiple threads making the same joke. Congratulations Charle, you’re scraping the bottom of your stupid-funny barrel.

I didnt rip anything off, see? I said Mayl, NOT sohee. asshole.

But I like Charlemagne’s stupid-funny jokes.

Come on guys, you’re breaking the

thing that was going on here.

You’re still making a lame joke based on another lame joke, which is ripping something. Try being funny for a change.

Let the thud shine in!

but that would defeat the purpose of trying to be lame.

Funny is subjective.