Yo listen up!

Here’s the story of a little guy who can’t stop listening to Blue.

Anyway, I think that I may have found my new favorite song. I downloaded the song “Blue” by Eifle 65 or something and I just loving listening to it over and over. I downloaded it by accident to. It is jsut strange, I haven’t had a song that I can listen to repeatedly at the same time and not get tired of.

Well, I better make a point to this thread, so what is your favorite song right now?

That was my favorite song when I was 10.

Anyway, it’s Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Godhopping.

When I read the title of this thread, I immediately thought about Blue, but didn’t think the thread was actually ABOUT it. :hahaha;

Info, I suggest downloading Silicon Girl, also by Eiffel 65. If you like Blue, you’ll probobly like it.

As of now, my favorate song is probobly “Picturing the Past” by Sonata Arctica.

at the moment it is “Burn it up” and “Bad Habit” both by The Offspring

Damageplan - Save Me

Heh, I remember Blue by Eiffel 65…used to have it on the radio all the time, but then it dropped off the face of the earth.

For the moment, it’s Amerika by Rammstein

Right now, it’s “The Internet Is For Porn” by Avenue Q. But Blue rocks.

I remember that song. My sister got their CD. Apparently the music video involved space aliens.

My choice: U2 - Everlasting Love

It did. They were blue.
Favorite, hmm…well I suppose Renegade Cavelcade-Ash at the moment.

3 Libras by APC

Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon

Reveille - Bleed The Sky

And E65 was awesome. I remember doing kareoke to that at a friend’s birthday when I was like 12. :smiley:

Relient K - The Pirates who don’t do Anything. (Veggietales cover)

Cless’s Sig are the words to Orignal Version (excluding the Speaking Part).

Big Nutter
But I’ve heard Motoi Sakuraba - Cutting Edge of Notion alot more recently.

Cho Tren Thang Nam by Dan Truong.

I was in love with that song when I was 12 and 13. It always came on while I was playing FF7 and racing chocobos, thus, that’s what i associate the two with.

Ahh, Info, I remember when I first discovered that song. That and “Move Your Body” (by the same artist) were all I could listen to ; p Thanks for reminding me, too. I think I’ll go download those again

Heh. I like “The Internet is for Porn” too. Good song. As for my favorite, currently Green Day - Homecoming.

Rod Stewart- “Maggie May” :wink:

“Satan is my Motor” by Cake, or “Museum of Idiots” by They Might be Giants

Right now it’s a cross between “Gigantic” By The Pixies and “Citizen Erased” by Muse.

Silicon Girl, by Eiffel 65 (I’m the one who first suggested it to GG in the first place, god DAMn but he;'d not have half the music he does if it weren’t for me!), San Sebastian(revisited) by Sonata Arctica, are tied for second. by my absolute favorite is Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “Bring it on.” Anyone interested in hearing it, it’s a Christian rock song, but despite the popular belief, Christian Rock IS good. This is the best.