Yevon Alphabet

Does anyone know where I can find some good, big, clear pictures of the symbols used by Yevon? (The ‘alphabet’ per se?) Specifically Yu Yevon’s symbol, but any of the other ones as well.
Thanks tons =)

Ah, crap. I remember that a group of people led by a guy named “lindblum citizen” from GameFAQs had a list, and had translated all the letters. I wish I had gotten the pictures though; sorry!

Yeah… try searching the messageboards at GameFAQs (or ask someone there). I can’t help you offhand.

Takes a look. at and LAMERS!!

Big Nutter (has left the bulding)

Thanks for the help =)
I found Yevon Font (Holy Crap I’m way too fuckin’ excited about that…)
So I’m allllll goood.
Oh yeah… Yevon Font…

Yevon font? WHERE?!