Yeti, penguing & albatroz

I can make up to 1200 points per flight, for a total of nearly 3600 a 3 lives round

Bah, still prefer seal bounce meself- but only because I once topped the 1800 mark. :wink: 3600’s about my best on albatross assault as well

I only saw the other three games after posting this one. I got only 500 in the seal bounce so far.

Dude, I love the yeti!

Silly game.

I don’t get how you can keep him up to 1200+. What 're the other levels?

I always flap wings only close to the ground, and I flap three times really fast. That makes the albatross go high and fast.

The other levels are:

Pingu Throw (baseball) -> Use the bat to send the pingu as far as possible. The angle you’ll hit him depends on your timing. First click makes pingu jump, next is for hitting him with the bat.

Aim -> The pingus will automatically be jumping. Click to throw a snowball at them. The angle you’ll throw depends on the cursor position. You’ll see that if you miss the pingu you’ll hit exactly where the cursor is. The goal is to hit the pingu while it’s in mid-air. When you hit, the pingu flies and hits the target. The closer to the center it hits, the more points you get.

Seal Bounce -> Throw the pingu as high as possible. There are two ways to throw: click to start spinning, then click to throw, or click and hold to start spinning, then release to throw. Either way has no advantage over the other. When the pingu hits a seal, the seal throws him a little upwards.

edit: seems like the yeti and his pingus are going on a big tour. I am so looking forward for the next levels.


I don’t know how people can make up to 900 points in the first level. I could never make more than 320-something and I don’t see a way to make the pingu travel further. I can get pretty high scores in the Seal Bounce, though. My record is 1600 points in five throws now.

Silly but amusing game. I have to stay away from that stuff. It’s like crack, so addicting and distracting from college work.