Yet another virus thread...

I’m rid of my virus problems, exept for one. I have one called TROJ_STILEN.A, and it’s infecting a file. The file is C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\wbB.exe.

I have no idea what this wbB.exe file is, but I can’t clean or quarantine it. Is this file something I need? Is it safe to try and just delete it?

Go to your Windows Explorer, and go to Documents and Settings and run a virus scan there. You should be able to get rid of it then. That’s what I did.

I’ve run several virus scans. Each and every one of them has sucessfully detected to file, but can’t clean or quarantine it, for some reason.

Go to ‘Safe Mode’ and retry.

You don’t need it. Try deleting it through the command prompt, or if that doesn’t work, download a win 98 boot disk and do it through dos. The temp folder doesn’t need to contain any files for your computer to operate correctly.

Look for a executable fix for it on

And this is sort of ridiculous, all the viruses you are getting. You should seriously consider changing you activities on the internet, or get a decent firewall, or something. I dont know what you’re doing to pick up so many of these things, but it could get out of hand. (if it hasnt already =P).

Um…I really hate to ask, but how would I go about doing that?

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m an idiot. :too bad;

Start > MSDOS Prompt


Start > Acessories > Command prompt

Run whatever virus scanner you have to find the location of the virus file.

Now in the command prompt type-
“cd C:[whatever directory]
del [whatever file]”

or just

“del [directory][file].[extension]”

so if the scanner said the virus is in “C:\hackers\suck\virus.exe”
you type-

“cd C:\hackers\suck
del virus.exe”


“del C:\hackers\suck\virus.exe”

and you must type “exit” to quit when finished.

EDIT-I should also probably say, i havnt used DOS for a really long time, and dont have windows to test those commands. They came from my memory, so they may be wrong, but i doubt it. Just in case, uh, dont blame me if you fuck something up.

I did all that, AND I found the file. But when I tried to delete it, it said "Acess Denied’. I’m going to try booting up in safe mode, and seeing what I can do.

EDIT: Huh…I THOUGHT I knew how to get it to boot up in safe mode, but turns out, I don’t. commits seppuku

While your PC is booting press F8, in order to see the startup menu you need to press F8 after the system detects your drives, but before the windows XP loading screen appears. If you’re not sure about the timing just keep pressing F8 until the menu appears, once it does select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”

The PC will finish loading and you’ll be presented with a dos command prompt, type in the following:

cd docume~1
cd username
cd local settings
cd temp
del wbB.exe

once you do that reboot and everything should be fine.

Thanks a LOT, Sand. If we ever meet, I’m buying you a pizza.

I’ve learned a valueble lesson through all my problems: Always, ALWAYS remember to turn your personal firewall back [i]onp/i] when you’re done gaming.

I’ve been having a recent virus problem myself. I was attacked by pop ups and got a shitload of virus’s. 29 I think. I wasn’t even able to play Solitair! But the computer was wiped out so it’s going just fine now. I havn’t been able to get on in 3 weeks and my ass has been planted to this fuckin’ chair all day.