Yet another stupid fad...

A coathanger and a blowtorch ::dekar!::

All I’m going to say is “WHAT THE FUCK?!?”:eek:

Stupid fucking teenagers.

Points to quote in sig pertaining to stupid people

:thud: :thud: :thud:

That’s just sick.

Meh, I don’t like the way they say that it’s a “mistake.”
Even though, yeah I think it’s a fucking stupid thing to do, who knows if they really will regret doing it?

I’m so glad I’m not completely stupid.


All you can do is laugh at them.

I like to read threads like this all the way thru before clicking the link.

But after clicking the link…that’s oretty nasty! Who the hell would do something like that? Tatoo is a tiny needle, not highly heated metal!


…one of the teens will never be able to hide her mistake…
…I wonder what that mistake was?!:noway:

“Things to do in Denver when your’e bored and stupid”

If they only had a brain

Stupid teens.

Hahah dumb kids. They should try poking those things in their ears and nostrils. branding your brain is hardcore.

Yeah, that’s pretty stupid. It doesn’t surprise me.

Stupid stupid little… If you’re gonna get a tattoo, peircing, branding or whatever, you’d better be pretty damned sure about what you’re doing. And let profesional do it. Don’t do in yourself dammit!
Hell, I spent three years thinking about it before I got my tattoo and I even checked with the healthdepartment which piercer here were the best before getting my piercing done.

GAAAH. Good lord, what is wrong with kids today.

Uhm… excuse me? Did I get this right? A coat hanger? A COAT HANGER? o.o what the hell were they thinking oO I mean, yeah, aside from the fact that it’s stupid-- coat hanger. If they had enough IQ left they’d at least take knives or some kind of metal stick or something- but a coat hanger? o_o; That’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard in a while.
Hey guys, I’m branding funny signs into my skin with a coat hanger!

Damn, in their left brain there’s nothing right and in their right brain there’s nothing left.

Jesus…and I thought I was bad for occasionally accidently-on-purpose setting my hand on fire -_-.

This just takes the cake for stupidity.

Thats just sick.

I hope it doesnt spread.

This is exactly why the word “cool” means absolutely nothing to me.