Yet another spider thread

So it’s been about a month since my last thread… Guess what, folks ?

Still no molt :ulty:

But at least she is still willing to come out and be pretty.

And then she felt like “mooning” :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how she usually greets me in the morning :smiley:

Now that I have a dedicated closet for her, there is actually space for one more so she may have a neighbor above in the future… time will tell.

I’m considering between the Trinidad Chevron or the Ivory Ornamental.

Trinidad Chevron

Ivory Ornamental

Both are fairly attractive species.

I can’t get over how the markings near the eyes of the Ivory Ornamental make it look like it’s constantly frowning and looking pissed :smiley:

I’m expecting for my Mexican Fireleg to finally molt in the coming days/weeks… she is due for one.

How social are these things? How can you be sure they won’t murder each other?

Hi Sin :slight_smile:

They need to be caged seperately, because having two in a cage ends up with one really fat spider. The Ornamental for one is said to be faster than a person can react. That’s why I’m taking my sweet time before plunging in again so I don’t end up getting something I can’t handle. Could always go for the classic Mexican Red Knee, it’s slightly less skittish than the Fireleg.

Hey DG

Hi Charl, how’s things ?

Anyways, it’s past midnight. I need some sleep. If more questions arise, I’ll happily answer them in the morning. Just remember folks, I’m in no way an expert in spiders. I’ve only worked with 5 diffrent species so far, but none have been considered potentially venomous. The Ornamentals possess that type of venom yet a bite from one of these won’t kill a person, but you’d feel like crap for several days. I have plenty of time before I really go “there”.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to in relation to handling your spiders? :stuck_out_tongue: