Yet another Soul Calibur 2 thread

I’ve had my chance to play it on the GC (Local EBGames had a Japanese Import version), and to try out Link.

Link pwnz all. He’s WAY too strong. He’s the only character in the game that can properly turtle, most of his attacks are knockdowns, which mean he can easily give you a ring out, he has good health (comparable to Mitsurugi, but a bit less than him).

The only BAD thing about him is his reach, but damn, just rush the opponent down, or turtle all day by holding down the Y button, pulling out your bow, and shooting arrows like a mother fucker.

The GC controller is pretty good, surprisingly, for Soul Calibur 2, by using the B button as the Guard button.

I don’t know if Cassandra still has her infinite, I haven’t tried Cassandra.

I haven’t tried Heihachi (but since I suck with him in Tekken, I’ll probably suck with him too) nor Spawn, but I’m sure they won’t be as powerful, because I doubt that they’ll have an extremely fast and annoying projectile.

I’ve actually heard that Link ISN’T that strong, but he’s fun to play with.

I never touch the B button. Whenever I need to guard or throw, I use the shoulder buttons. It’s much easier to get GIs now with the shoulder buttons since your fingers are already there.

Cassandra’s infinite was down=away + A, wasn’t it? If that was it, it’s no longer an infinite.

I figured that Link would be incredibly powerful, because if he wasn’t, Zelda fanboys would flame Namco for making their favorite character weaker than anyone else.

But what possessed them to add Heihachi? I mean, he has no weapon, in a weapon fighting game. Who here REALLY thinks he stands a chance? Now Spawn, on the other hand, can probably handle anything, except he doesn’t have his cape, which drops his coolness down about fifty points.

Maby he got knuckle gloves or something.

And besides, good to see a good ol’ faishoned martial artist with no weapons.

I was miffed at Heihachi, Namco has a ton of other characters (especially considering the fact that they’ve decided to screw half or more of the original Soul Edge cast) and they didn’t put them in.

And yes, Link is THAT powerful. It almost scared me. If it wasn’t enough that he’s really freaking strong, he has an extremely EASY learning curve and is really damn fast.

I’m sticking with Rapahel the insane frenchman and Astie-poo the golem.

Whee! Link is good!

I heard he has his boomerang (which I’ve seen) and his bomb attacks (which I have not seen). Does he use bombs or how do the bombs and boomerang affect anything?

You Win

He has all items mostly. Bombs, boomerang, arrow, spin attack, upwards spin attack.

To use the Bombs, simply press the K button and keep it pressed until he reaches for a bomb.

To use the Boomerang, I have no freaking idea.

Spin attack, hold A down until he charges, release it when you want to release the attack

Bow and Arrows. Press B until he whips out his bow and arrow. Press B again to begin charging your magic inside the arrow. The arrow begins as what seems to be an Ice Arrow then, at full power, becomes a Fire Arrow.

(BTW : By ABK I’m going with the Soul Calibur conventions, not the Gamecube controller)

And Link is a pansy. I think I’m going to whup on Link players with Astie-poo or Raphael the insane Frenchman.

Oh yeah? Well I’ll show you… if I had any skill at fighting games.

I’m getting SC2 anyway.

I forgot, for the upwards spin attack, it’s diagonal up-forward + A (hold)

Isn’y Yoshimitsu in the PS2 version? I know Link sure ashell isn’t, Mine’s a choice between a better control set on the PS2 against better graphics on GC. Which is better? Anyone?

Heihachi’s the PS2’s secret character.
Personally, I think the GCN controller offers better control, although it’s harder to hit B+K since they’re the X and Y buttons.

For those that don’t know the configuration, it’s G=B, R or L; A = A, B=Y, K=X

Lucky…my EBgames doesnt od imports and LikSang didnt have any ones for Xbox.

i wish i had a gamecube to play it on, everyone who plays it on GC says link rocks, and so does the controller…id get it for PS2 but i dont think it would play well on that controller.

I don’t know. The GC one IS incredibly good, but somehow PS2 one just seems more trad… Plus, eveyr fighting game I ever played was with that controller. probably I’ll get it on GC for LInk and better graphics

Originally posted by Dai ryuujin
Heihachi’s the PS2’s secret character.
Personally, I think the GCN controller offers better control, although it’s harder to hit B+K since they’re the X and Y buttons.

I actually found it easy to hit B+K on the GC without hitting the A.

Anyway, I prefer the PS controller because that’s what I was using for Soul Edge…

But arcade sticks rule over anything.

Strangely enough, I always hated arcade sticks. The buttons are AMAZING for hitting with great force, but the sticks always seemed too crappy.

The sticks probably WERE crappy when you played. It happens often. When the sticks aren’t crappy though, damn, the control really is way better than a pad.

I… I heard they’re going to replace the Japanese voices with English ones… sobs uncontrollably

Edit: Correction - I heard that they already have English voices in the arcades… sobs more

Yeah… Somehow SC2, like Onimusha, would be just so much more… authentic… with Japanese voices…

What the hell are you talking about, Pierson!? Half of the cast is from Europe, if not more!

Astaroth, Raphael, Cassandra, Cervantes, Nightmare, Voldo, Ivy have no business having Japanese voices.

And as far as English voices in the arcades go, I think that’s only for the characters that actually needed them. At the place I go, SC2 usually ended up the most mute machine, so I don’t know, but I hope they run the voices the way they did in SB, that was cool. Each asian character spoke Japanese, and each European character spoke english, if they needed to speak.

I’ll bet Cervantes could kick Link’s ass up and down the block. :slight_smile: