Yet another possible sign of the apocalypse...

Apple to start using Intel chips in 2006

This makes me convinced…

That Trillian is a nerd. NERD!

Was there ever any doubt? >.>;


It makes me convinced that Trillian has to make that sig where the Blue smiley pulls a shotgun and kills the zombie smiley.
And uh…
Boo Apple?

It’s been expected. It won’t be the x86 though, it’ll be IA64 ( Itanium. Opteron. Athlon64. ) so it’ll comepete with Windows 64-Bits not the usual boring old Windows.

Hurrah. Now more people will be able to learn that Mac OS X isn’t a god send but at least as unstable as Windows. It frezes a lot.

Wait, holy shit, is this true?

Because they’ve been saying they will switch sides for YEARS, but never doing it.

In any case, thank god. Honestly, IBM isn’t that great.

I’m not too worried until we start seeing Amigas that use Windows.

But if she did that, then it wouldn’t have the awesome smoothness that it has.

Yes it would. Here’s what you have, a Blue smiley moving in one direction, comes across Zombie. Zombie comes at him, gets pwned. Moves on. Repeat.

Why not have blue smiley gets eaten by zombie, turns into zombie, comes at other blue zombie who shoots it, then shooter zombie gets eaten, repeat.

And, trilly, I’m not actually asking you to go to that much work. Your current one is awesome. :smiley:

Of course not. :hahaha;