Yet another impressive use of a Mario game.

This time with Mario World as seen here.

I’ve seen thigns similar to this before, but never quite so… complex.

That said, I REALLY wish people would try stuff from other franchises.

amazing. . .

11 minutes!

LOL hax.

That was awesome. :3

Heh … I have the MP3 of that song, and play it in Audiosurf from time to time when I’ve got ten minutes to spare. (You have to rename it so Audiosurf can actually play it, tho … my various sources have led me to setting the Title to “NicoNico Douga Kumikyoku” and the Artist and Album both to “NicoNico Douga”.)

Wow, that’s darned impressive. I wonder how much work was put down on it…

I’m forced to put off my “nothing sort of Mario curing cancer would impress me” comment. That thing took time (and was visually enjoyable). By the way, up until ~3:00 and forest maze=catchy! I thought the music was random.

I thought it was just another “automatic Mario” vid at first, but then it got cool. Seriously cool. :smiley:

6 months apparently. No doubt o_____o;


I was really impressed by that. However, it makes me think that the creator has a little too much free time on his hands. Very enjoyable to watch though.

Ridiculous, yet strangely hypnotizing

mario theme with bottles & rc car