Yet another FFX-2 question (early game spoilers)

I’m at the part where you need to decide whether to return the sphere to New Yevon or the Youth League. This is my first time through the game, and I was wondering: Which side should I do first? How deeply does it affect the game? Any preferences on which side I shoud choose? Thanks for the help.

Well, both sides get you REALLY lengthy scenes when you return it, and it affects some side missions and if you can get into the Youth HQ and/or Bevelle.

And you can’t get 100% completion first time through if you go with Yevon.

Yeah. However, if you’re not playing with an FAQ, you’re not going to get 100% in your first playthrough anyway. 8p

Just go with whichever you like and pick the other in your second playthrough.

I’d recommend going with Yevon in the first game. Although you can’t get 100%, there are a few garment grids that you can only get by siding with Yevon. Then you can get 100% in a newgame+ afterwards.

I’ve compared both options (thanks to the guide) and it seems that you can get sligthly more (in terms of items and scenes) with the League than Yevon. But as Cid said, it doesn’t really matter. Choose whichever you want, then pick the other the second time thru.

I’m sure you’ll want to play more than once anyway. =) Just play enough to pick both and to get whatever you can get from each one.

Yeah if you go with yevon
1 you have no grasp on the past
2 can only hope for a 99% completion
3 have to listen to the youth league’s pissin and moaning

Elma: tell me it’s not true lady yuna