yet another "dude, that's just wrong" moment

as I sit here typing this ordeal I’m completly laughing my ass off

what happened was, my little 13 year old brother found my 17 year old brother’s porn stash and somehow was able to order a Penis Phone
(for those of you who don’t know that’s a phone with a foot-long-Penis-shaped receiver) for my older brother…you can only imagine the chaos that insued after my oldest brother opened the “Package he had been waiting for” and reached into the box only to withdraw a huge plastic “Jimmy” as he calls it… :fungah: :hahaha;
so yeah, I’m gonna hold this one over him for a while…

nice… reminds me of the group of guys I know who are planning on buying their RA a “pocket pussy” as a joke.

See, that’s one reason to hide your porn stash better.

… why would your older brother’s porn have a mail order penis phone in it?



Haw, that was great. Thank you for brightening up my morning!

Usually if you get the “hardcore” variety of porn, it has all kinds of ads for just about everything imaginable.

That’s why I stick with free hentai resources using Netscape. :3

Talking, and receiving from something like that would just feel creepy… let alone you’re sticking it to your ear. And what kind of sound does it make when it rings?! :thinking:

It must be amusing to work at a post order company and do the statistics for how many people actually buy stuff like that.

The concept of a penis phone, is rather amusing. Maybe I should try and order one for one of my mates. He is a big prick anyway, so maybe he would enjoy it.

that was cold


Now how would that look with 1 to your ear?

He’s still pissed off about it too
heheh, worst part is, he signed for it!!!