Yet Another 9/11 flash work. Complete with Conspiracy Theories

One of the 5 most recent submissions to Newgrounds is another 9/11 flash. But if you’re a conspiracy theorist, like me, you might enjoy this.

Soundtrack to this film is provided by Marilyn Manson(by that I mean the flash artist used his music)


Well the American government have faked things before, but to do something like this? It all seems pretty extreme, for some sort of “American setup”.

Yes, it does seem extreme…but that’s why they did it. The American government wanted to make terrorism look so extreme and horrifying that it would become unthinkable to attack them

Nothing it presents is all that new, but it is interesting, no doubt about it. A few things, though.

First, such a massive attack didn’t need to be faked in order for Bush to start a war. An at-the-time supportive Congress and the intel accusing Iraq of having WMDs would have been enough (yes, the intel was later proved wrong, just saying that the intel and Saddam’s attitude would have been adequate).

As for the flash movie, where the author shows the plane hitting the pentagon frame-by-frame:

-Where he says Frame#2 is especially bright from 100 yards away, the explosion of the hundreds of gallons of jet fuel probably has something to do with that.

-The size of the plane relative to the size of the pentagon is photoshopped, and regardless of its size, it couldn’t have done much more damage. Yes, it’s a big plane, but once it explodes, size doesn’t quite matter anymore, since it becomes a big fireball.

WTC Frame-by-frame:

-The ‘pod’ underneath the plane seen just before it hits the WTC isn’t a military pod, unless I’m mistaken that’s just the engineering bay. Due to the angle of the photo, it just looks like bigger than it really is.

As for Bush’s comments on it being a terrorist attack before we think he should have known exactly what it was, there really is no explanation. Perhaps 9/11 really wasn’t such a surprise for a select few, or being that he’s the president, he just got intel faster than we think he should have. Who knows. I don’t think it was a conspiracy, though… Bush may have a lot of jackass moments, but I don’t think any American leader would want this. Even if he was heartless enough to go through with it, the possibility of a conspiracy being discovered would ruin him in every way, and that’s a risk I don’t think any politician would take.