(EDIT: Goddammit, THIS was my 1000th post? I wasn’t paying attention, it should’ve been more awesome!)


You have not failed me, Sinscream.


YEEESSS! Oh yes indeed.

God, Beast Wars was so awesome…







The one thing that Beast Wars still clearly has over Animated was that David Kaye made a far better Flamboyant Megatron than I’m a lumberjack Optimus Prime (at least he also did both Lugnut and Grimlock).

Also I did not know that he also did the RECOOME BOOOOOM!!! (Although I’m not that surprised considering how few VAs there are out here in the US/Canada, and how some of them like Johnny Yong Bosch just wind up in every goddamn thing.)

I definitely regret not paying attention to that show when it was on… I didn’t remember it was that funny. And yes, David Kaye made an excellent Megatron.

Beast Wars every morning before school, spillin hawaiian punch on the carpet

I had to wake up at 6 in the morning for my Beast Wars but it was worth it.

Too bad Beast Machines just couldn’t do it justice.

It makes me sad that my connection is too slow for the Youtubes to understand what is going on here, given that I basically have all of Beast Wars burned into my brain by the power of love.

Its a string of clips consisting mostly of Megatron saying “yes”. It is excellent.


Oh man, I loved this show. The guy who made the dub voice was great too, he had a really snake-like voice that fit just perfectly.

Awfully kind way of saying it. GodfuckingdamnitTankorandrandomgoddamnplants.

Considering that only Armada and Animated were the only series since BM to surpass it I think it becomes a ‘take it where you can get it’ sort of thing (and in all honesty Armada wasn’t that great either).

With that said I will concede the point that Nightwing was a dirty bastard.