Of COURSE just four people will be able to defeat a twinked-out villain. This is an RPG.

no, it’s an MMORPG, sometimes you need several full parties to beat stuff.

Hmm, point.

Still, though, my experience tells me it’s not whether or not the good guys will win, it’s how close the bad guys will get to winning before the good guys win.

like kefka?

Also, even though lun and TD are KOed, are they still able to see what’s around them, but not interact with?

it’s like in FFXI, when you die, you can party chat, linkshell chat, send tells, and control your camera angle, but you can’t do normal say or shouts and can’t do… anything else really… you can’t even acsess your menu…

Kefka, Agent Smith, Palpatine (who technically had already won) … doesn’t HAVE to be just RPG villains.

Kefka technically won, too. I mean, he ruled for an entire year, and changed the face of the Earth forever.