Now I am a Yes Man Jr. But i don’t know what a yes Man is >_<

The fact that there are Yes Men implies that there are No Men and Maybe Men around too, right?

there might be.

an unassuming local guy like me wouldn’t really know, though…

i would, however, guess that zero will lock this on sight, considering the last thread you made like this…

Uh, last I checked the main forum didn’t turn into the new ToB:hmm:

Yes Man Juniors are those guys that always says “Yeah, yeah” to their boss

They also are critters in Earthbound, Punks…

A Yes Man is an assisstant who follows a boss around all the time saying “Yes, sir. Good idea, sir. Excellent, sir.” no matter how bad the idea is. Smithers could be thought of as a Yes Man.

Booken’s got it, a yes man is someone who always agrees that his boss or whomever is superior to him it always right.

Thanks for the info, guys.

Gamer: I don’t think this thread makes Main a new ToB.