Yes! Yes! YES! (warning, 'soul market'-related content)

I just got my 2nd MSDN star two minutes ago :victoly: With 3 stars, one can finally sell his soul to Uncle Gates and become a Microsoft Trainee :ah-ha!:

I"m so happy that I’m even having trouble tihking clearly now XD opened Messenger thinking it was Photoshop for a screenshot…

Moving on up to the east side, to a de-lux apartment in the sky?

That’s for the ones with 4+ stars. But I’ll eventually reach that level too :victoly:

I just imagined things like in that movie “Devil’s Advocate”, just with software developers instead of lawyers XD

Glad you could make it. You are going to rot in hell amongst the Microsoft and EA executives, but I’m still glad for you.

You paid to be a part of the MSDN? Loon!

I didn’t pay, we get the studying material, subscription and do the tests for free.