Yes please.

So whats everyones favorite type of soda?

I personally like Mountian Dew, but its for the caffiene I guess.

I do not really drink any carbonated beverages and I do not like them that much.

Go Root Beer Go Root Beer Go Root Beer Go Go Go Dances

I declare this Poll null and void due to its lacking of that Nectar of the Gods known as Cheerwine. Shame on you. SHAME.

My dentist told me soda would stain my teeth when I was little and that always scared me out of drinking big amounts of soda…

Pepsi Max, Sprite and Ginger Ale.

Dr. Pepper, yo.

“I don’t drink Soda.” Well none of the above. I sometimes drink T&T.

What, no Case O’ Bawls?

I have never tasted Bawls, but I wish to try it someday.

Coca-Cola is my favourite, because it’s kept me up all night and got me through so many games. 8)

I don’t drink pop… and I don’t say soda. Soda sounds so… weird >.>;
… but soda is a great word to mock people from the south :stuck_out_tongue:

says sodaaah outload and giggles


The name of this poll baffles me,

In the south, most people call everything “Coke”.

I think Pop sounds weird…

Sprite and Coke.

I heart my heart-clogging caffiene!

Where’s Ramune? I picked Dr Pepper.

I can’t possibly remember or know all these and I’m sorry about the Ramune and Bawls.

I don’t drink soda…Pokes soda can with a stick I’m strictly a water, coffee and milk girl. As boring as it may be, at least I’ll end up with strong cheekbones! :yipee:

Coffee is good. ^^

I’m on a diet that solely consists of beer wine and other alcoholic substances… It’s great to see the world all shaken up :stuck_out_tongue:

But Coca Cola could do too if neccesairy