Yes, our generation is stupid.

And here is further proof of that.

That’s fscking brilliant.

This makes me angry in some very basic way that I cannot quite pinpoint.

I’m in your object-oriented program’s source code, stroking my harbl.

Now, is this pure genius, or…?

And don’t forget the great poems of our times.

This makes the language and coding centers of my brain hurt.

I’ve never been more ashamed to be a programmer.

I am morbidly curious as to when a fullfledged game would be made in LOLcode.

is there anything worse than lolcats

i mean really, is there?

Compiling, are we? Yes, we are, aren’t we? >:)

Shut up.

I’m so posting this at Worse Than Failure now.
edit: too late, it’s been done there already.

Welcome to six months ago (:{)

if i had to choose between looking at a poster of a cat with a funny face and a caption written in impact font every morning when i woke up, or a poster of big brother (with which comes the knowledge that my every action during said day would be monitored by a futuristic police state) i would choose big brother

Nah, that’s not the worst thing Lolcats have ever resulted in. This is.

That’s it, I have no respect left for Capcom. I just pity the characters from Megaman and Street Fighter for being managed by such a freakish company.

Do people actually read and write that thinking it to be poetry?

I’m obviously behind on the interwebs D:

Originally Posted by Yar Kramer
Nah, that’s not the worst thing Lolcats have ever resulted in. This is.

You should’ve posted that earlier as it didn’t take me long to think up of a shopped scene of SSBB with Phoenix delivering Great Justice with his pointed finger of judgement to the various characters being naughty in his sight as an assist trophy with the tag line being “I’m in ur Brawl!” with the intent of suggesting that he really should be made into an assist trophy to Capcom and hopefully Nintendo should they come across this in time.

The best is Prufrock. I literally lolled with that one, perhaps because it’s short and most of lolspeak’s ‘expressions’ can fit in without wearing thin.

edit:to Alyx, obviously.

WTF is that thing anyway?